You have to have nerves of steel to maneuver like this helicopter pilot over the Alps

Since i saw Overwhelming force I am horrified at the possibility of being trapped in the Alps while I ski at some point. Just that happened to a skier who was stranded on one of the slopes of the Alps earlier this year after a knee injury prevented him from continuing downhill. A helicopter pilot managed to save him with a clean maneuver of one of the most difficult things to do in a helicopter.

The video was posted on Facebook by a man named Nicolas Derely, who was skiing with a group of friends. According to CNN, one of his companions, Bruno, was exhausted and suffered an unpleasant fall. Despite being more than 2 km above sea level, they managed to make an emergency call. And the video of a more incredible rescue that you will see today.

The Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne (French mountain police) answered the call. While Bruno's friends were recording, a helicopter approached the steep slope of the Anterne pass. The pilot managed to get the landing ski right on the snow, a feat that allowed the rescue team to secure a brace and lift Bruno to safety.

This type of maneuver is known as pinnacle landing, and although you may have seen the military do it to evacuate soldiers from the side of a mountain, it is also used to rescue civilians from the side of a mountain. In the United States, the Federal Aviation Administration has a complete guide on how to make a pinnacle approach, in case you want to find your helicopter and test it right now. But you should know that it is better to try it going against the wind.

All this procedure was carried out with the rotor blades of the helicopter a few centimeters from the snow and nerves of steel on the part of the pilot. It is impossible not to be impressed.