Writing as a balm for the soul

The everyday problems can not only cause different complaints, but they can also burden the soul. This in turn can have a negative impact on life. This creates a cycle from which there seems to be no escape. People have different methods to deal with their problems.

When can writing help?

There are many situations in which writing can help. For example, when important decisions have to be made. Often, those affected feel confused and do not even know how to decide. The writing down can bring a completely different view on the matter here.

Sometimes writing can help to find out what is going on in the emotional world. Especially after the loss of a loved one or the failure of a love, the emotions run roller coaster and you do not even know what's going on. But even in life crises or problems, it can be helpful to put your thoughts on paper.

In general, it may also be useful to keep a journal in certain life situations. In this important events or even difficult phases can be recorded. Looking back, you will realize later that everything has been done.

Finding the right words

Of course, not everyone has the talent to be in the way to quickly find the right words. However, there is no question that everyone can use the letter as a help and companion. The starting point to start writing is crucial. To find the right words or thoughts, the following questions can be considered:

  • Which situation is currently problematic?
  • What goals should be achieved?
  • What does your own emotional world look like?
  • Why are these feelings present or what was the trigger?
  • What fears, worries or doubts plague you and which are of particular importance?
  • What would be the worst in this situation and how likely is that to happen?
  • How can you better handle the situation?

Some of these questions will certainly not fit all life situations. Find out for yourself what fits and what does not.

How should writing help?

By writing down the problems, worries or fears you set yourself again with the issue intensively. Many people note when writing that they have long had the solution to a potential problem. Or they come by themselves on how the situation can be changed. First and foremost, writing is about writing the frustration and the burden of the soul. Then you can quickly find new ways.

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