Wikipedia integrates digital previews of books to check citations

Wikipedia integrates digital previews of books to check citations

Checking a quote on Wikipedia is normally quite simple. A link provides access to the online source. But what if a quote comes from a physical book that is only accessible in a library or bookstore?

The Internet Archive and Wikipedia have partnered to provide digital snapshots of books cited on Wikipedia pages, making it easier to find and verify these sources. The Internet Archive has already transformed 130,000 book references on Wikipedia with links to 50,000 digitized books. "And we are only at the beginning ", said the Internet Archive in a statement.By working with Wikipedia communities and scanning more books, users will link many more references. ".

Improve the reliability of Wikipedia

Users will have access to a few pages of book preview, but they will also be able to borrow a digital copy of the text through the digital loan, as if they were retrieving a book from the library. The purpose of this collaboration is to facilitate the verification of citations that refer to traditional texts and can help fill information gaps.

"What has been written in books for many centuries is essential to inform a generation that only goes through digital", said Brewster Kahle, digital librarian of the Internet Archive, in his statement.We hope to connect readers to books by building links with the web". article adapted by CNETFrance