When to get pregnant – How to find the right time

When to get pregnant – this is a question most couples ask when planning their own child. The right time depends on the financial conditions, the relationship with the partner as well as the ovulation cycle of the woman.

Are you ready for a child?

Especially if you are very busy in your career, there is never really the perfect time to get pregnant. So, when you try to answer the question as to when you should get pregnant, you should know that a child in your life will definitely bring about change. If you are not ready to accept such restrictions and to give up on time, then this is not the right time for a child.

So this question has to be answered individually. For example, ask yourself what else you want to do before you have a baby. Do you have a partner who would make a great father or mother? Are you financially well enough? Do you feel emotionally ready for a child or do you have many personal problems? Is your partnership strong enough to meet the challenge a child often brings? Ideally, you can answer yes to most of these questions before you consciously choose a child.

When to get pregnant – The fertile days

But there is another answer to the question "When will get pregnant?". You should know your fertile days to check the time of ovulation. The easiest way to do this is to measure your body temperature every morning. Because shortly after ovulation, this increases by about 0.5 degrees Celsius. So you know exactly when you are fertile.

The only time you can answer the question of when to get pregnant is by taking into account your personal circumstances and the timing of your entry.

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