What to plan at the beginning of the year in PR

The beginning of the year is the latest time to take a few strategic thoughts about corporate communications. Planning is an important basis for success. Who uses communication measures only sporadically, will thus achieve little to no effect. How to plan your PR for the New Year!

There are a number of planning horizons to be aware of in public relations.

  • Create a theme plan for the whole year.
  • It's high time for budget planning.
  • Make for at least rough media planning.
  • External events such as press conferences, open days want to be planned.
  • Internal communication requires a planned procedure.
  • Of course, the vacation planning also counts.

I'll talk about some important planning tasks in more detail: What is a topic plan good for? He determines when to publish a press release, blog post or article in the employee newspaper, customer magazine and other media. Such a plan is a binding working document from which further tasks of the PR responsible persons are derived.

Budget for corporate communications should be established

The budget for corporate communications should already be determined at the beginning of the year. It essentially comprises the planned personnel costs, external PR advice and services, media expenses (advertisements, posters, radio spots, etc.), incidental expenses and travel expenses. PR officers who can not afford to have a minimum budget often act in a lost position, because they first have to clear a budget internally for each individual measure. This always happens in competition with others, possibly perceived as more urgent tasks.

Media planning

Media planning is closely linked to the budget. At the beginning of the year, you must specify at least the types of media in which you want to be present with advertisements or commercials this year. The concrete selection can be made during production. Important are meaningful budgets. With 10,000 euros you can not start a nationwide advertising campaign. Even in the local newspaper, you only get very limited attention.

Plan events

Events need a long-term planning, with clear deadlines – so-called deadlines. Anyone planning a press conference, for example, must send out invitations in good time, rent a space, and coordinate appointments with the management. The presence of corporate governance alone is a challenge.

It can only be accomplished in the event of a crisis, if you set a binding deadline early on. This needs a high planning priority, so it must be regarded as important and irrefutable. So it is not enough to wrest the chief secretary a "maybe".

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