What to do, so that your child does not become a relationship killer

Children are a real stress test for many partnerships. The little ones are only too happy to play their parents against each other. So that the child does not become a relationship killer, you must consciously work on your partnership.

You should know that about the possible relationship killer child

A child only becomes a relationship killer if you do not take the luck of your relationship into your own hands. At the same time, the burden that children exert on the relationship of the parents changes depending on the age of the offspring. Especially the initial phase, in which you and your partner will hardly sleep, is difficult.

Because your offspring is completely dependent on you and you hardly have a free minute. Even in puberty, your children can really put their relationship to the test of their stubborn teenage behavior. Hotspots can be the lack of time for each other, the scarce money or the diminishing sexual contact between the two partners.

So your relationship does not fall victim to the relationship killer

So parents should approach realistic expectations of having children and know beforehand that their relationship will change. You must consciously make time for each other and book a babysitter to enjoy undisturbed togetherness.

Silently discuss the parenting rules so that your children can not play you against each other. Avoid a one-sided role division. Openly address problems with your partner and work continuously on your relationship.

If you act with understanding, children are a blessing and not a relationship killer. If the partners take time for each other and for talking, the mutual alienation can be avoided. Try to have as much fun as possible in everyday life, because that keeps the relationship fresh. As a parenting team, you can grow even closer as a partner.

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