Use Solidago as a kidney tonic for the dog

If your dog suffers from kidney disease or slight damage to the kidney, it is important to support the still intact tissue of the kidneys as possible in the function. Solidago virgaurea can be used as a kidney tonic.

Solidago for the dog

Recognizing kidney diseases as such is usually difficult, as unfortunately they only show up properly when kidney tissue is already severely damaged. It is therefore better to support an old dog or a dog with pre-damaged kidneys with this remedy in the early stages.

Solidago virgaurea, the Goldenrod, is used when the abdominal wall is tight or when the dog's urinary tract is diminished or painful. It may show in the initial stages of skin lesions, if the kidneys can no longer detoxify the body enough, then the skin has to take over this task.

Solidago acts as a drainage agent and regulates the kidneys. Toxins are better flushed out and it helps to maintain the intact kidney tissue. Often there are also unclear back pain, which may be caused by stagnant blood in the kidneys.

It is also used in CRF, chronic nephritis, in the dog as in gout, and it also improves the condition of the dog in liver disease, as it helps to carry away toxins via the bile fluids.

In behavior, dogs often show fright for no reason.

Dosage of Solidago

Depending on its severity, Solidago can be used several times a day in deep potencies, ie in the D2 – D6, or given to the dog alternately with the D30 for chronic illnesses.

For this, 3 – 5 Globulis are dissolved in a little water directly into the dog's mouth. Spa treatments have also proven themselves for the dog. For this you give the remedy 1 – 2 weeks daily 3 times and then resume for a while, to then give it back for a few days. The input is always based on the condition of the dog. If the symptoms are chronic, you should give the drug alternating with other kidney-strengthening agents.

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