Use sensations of the plant families for the choice of the homeopathic remedy

Rayan Sankaran has worked out the sensations of the individual plant families in great detail, making them useful for prescribing the right homeopathic remedy. Read about the basic sensations of the Anacardiaceen, the daisy family and the lily family. For which people do they fit?

The special sensations of Anacardiaceae in homeopathic treatment

Anacardium, Rhus toxicodendron and Rhus venata are the best known anacardiacees. The basic feeling of a person who needs an Anacardiaceae as a homeopathic remedy is the feeling of being trapped. He is stuck and can not move.

It comes to the pain sensation of pressure and cramps. Characteristic of a condition that can be improved by an Ancardiaceae is the modality "better through movement". Through movement, the feeling of being stuck can be relieved. This leads to an improvement of the symptoms and the mood.

The special sensations of Compositae (Asteraceae) in homeopathy

Arnica, Chamomilla, Bellis-p., Taraxum and Cina are the best known homeopathic remedies derived from daisy family. The basic sensation of this plant family is that of being injured. People who need a daisy family homeopathic remedy are afraid of approach because they are afraid of being hurt.

They are quickly hurt and shocked. So it is not surprising that the daisy family are also the best homeopathic injury agents for physical injuries and shocks in accidents. If shock symptoms persist long after an accident or after surgery, a compound is often indicated as a homeopathic remedy.

The special sensation of the lily family in homeopathic treatment

The best known lily plants in homeopathy are Veratrum album, Sarsaparilla and Lilium tigrinum. The basic feeling of lily plants is the feeling of being knocked out. People who constitutionally need a lily plant often feel rejected by a group. They feel neglected and excluded. This can refer both to the own family as well as to a class community or the colleagues of a job.


Each plant family is characterized by its own special sensations. While the Anacardiaceae feel trapped and trapped, the daisy family quickly feel hurt and shocked.

The lily family suffer from the feeling of being rejected. The basic sensation of a person helps to find the right constitutional remedy for him. Rayan Sankaran was one of the first homeopaths to explicitly mention this connection.

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