Twitter used "inadvertently" phone numbers and emails for targeted ads

Twitter used "inadvertently" phone numbers and emails for targeted ads

A security function of

served to help advertisers target their ads. The site of
    microblogging comes from

that e-mail addresses and telephone numbers intended for
    two-factor authentication may have been used by
    inadvertently for advertising purposes

This personal data is intended to be used solely for the purpose of
    account protection, but Twitter said the advertisers were able to
    cross with their marketing lists through advertising tools
    Tailored Audiences and Partner Audiences that the company puts in their

" When an advertiser has uploaded their marketing list, it is possible that
    we have matched people on Twitter to their list in
    depending on the email or phone number that the account holder
    Twitter provided for security purposes
, Said Twitter in a
    communicated. " It was a mistake and we apologize , Adds the network
    social who did not disclose the number of people affected while
    indicating the problem had been corrected on 17 September.

Before Twitter, Facebook pinned for the same practice

We remember that last March, Facebook recognized a practice
    similar to crossing phone numbers used for security
    accounts to target advertising.

This mixture is likely to undermine the confidence that the
    users can place in two-factor authentication systems
    who are supposed to protect them against the usurpation of their accounts. In
    indeed, people are less likely to use it if they feel that
    compromises their privacy. There are alternatives to the system
    Two-factor SMS authentication, such as applications
    authentication that Twitter supports since 2017, or the keys to
    like the one proposed for example



Image: Angela Lang / CNET