Twitter dies of love for 'Baby Yoda'

Disney's streaming service premiered the first chapter of The Mandalorian and the fans were shocked, but not precisely because of the plot.

In a new attempt to exploit the world of Star wars, the series directed by Jon Favreau tells us the story of Boba Fett, the famous bounty hunter, played by Pedro Pascal (game of Thrones, Narcos). But it was not the Mandalorian who starred in the comments on social networks.


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This October 12, many users of social networks were left with their mouths open when an image of a little boy was viralized, who had a great resemblance to an endearing character in the saga: Yoda.

But Yoda was not the last of her kind and had died in Star Wars: Episode IV Return of the Jedi? Yes, but remember that the series Disney Plus it develops after the events of the original trilogy, therefore, it seems that it is a new beginning of the species. It is even said in the chapter that he is 50 years old, which gives us an idea of ​​the longevity of these characters.

On Twitter, both those who watched the first episode in the United States, and those who have not been able to get close to the series because Disney's streaming service is not yet available in many countries, were surprised by the image and converted to #BabyYoda Y #TheMandalorian in trends. These are some of the reactions left by the cute character in the social network of the little bird:

Little boy, but …

Reasonable likeness

The fight is coming

Take my money

They convinced her

The best

He loves it

Cause curiosity

It didn't work with Thanos

And everyone like that