Treat warts homeopathically: carcinosin

For the treatment of warts there are some typical remedies in homeopathy, such as Thuja, Causticum and Acidum nitricum, which have already been treated in the previous articles. But even a well-chosen constitutional remedy such as Carcinosinum can contribute to the healing of warts, as a case shows in practice.

Carcinosinum is not a typical wart remedy in homeopathy. It is often prescribed for mental or behavioral reasons or is used as a miasmatic remedy for blockages. However, a constitutional remedy that fits the holistic condition of a human being is capable of eliminating all sorts of ailments. For the deeper an agent acts on the patient, the more far-reaching this effect is also in the physical area, eg. B. in warts.

Warts cured with Carcinosinum: A case in practice

A young mother contacts me and tells of the numerous warts on the hands of her then 6-year-old son. They had already made some attempts at icing, but the warts kept coming and getting more and more numerous until their hands were covered. They were z. T. painful and disturbed the boy very much.

Carcinosinum: The sensitive and talented child

In the anamnesis, the boy looks very friendly and very shy. The mother describes him as an intelligent, gifted boy, who is primarily interested in books and has already acquired much knowledge in his early years. Unlike other boys, he prefers to work more spiritually than physically.

He also developed enthusiasm when he reported about his 3-month trip with dad to India. He had no difficulties there and loved everything. He "loves" thunderstorms and his mother tells, among other things, that he likes to dance in front of others without fear.

He has problems when he is reprimanded by the mother, even if this is done in a very friendly tone. Then he gets a cough or starts crying. Overall, he is a very adaptable and quiet boy who sometimes looks a bit precocious.

Carcinosin: warts on hands, arms, legs and feet

Based on the description of the boy, I think relatively quickly to the mean Carcinosinum, which is not known to me for warts. In the repertory I find then the categories: warts on hands, arms, legs and feet. After taking the remedy all warts disappear within a short time and will not come back. The boy stabilizes in his sensitivity, but is still a very intelligent and "top-heavy" student today.

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