Treat sprains in dogs homeopathically

Even dogs can contract sprains. Impetuous romping with a buddy or running away from another dog can cause the dog to stand out. Suddenly he limps and shows pain in the sprained region. Swelling of the affected part of the body then indicates a sprain. Homeopathically, the dog can usually be helped quickly.

Homeopathy for dogs: Detecting and treating a sprain

If the dog has taken part in a trip, he will indicate this by hobbling and expressing pain. Especially in winter, something can happen quickly by slipping on ice and snow or at top speeds in the race of up to 60 kilometers per hour.

The swelling of the body part usually indicates a sprain. If there is any uncertainty as to whether the affected body part is really only sprained, the dog should be presented to the veterinarian, in order to be able to rule out a rupture or a cruciate ligament rupture.

Sprains can cause strains and bruising. These are very painful for the dog. As first aid also naturopathic agents such as acetic alumina can be used externally as a cooling envelope or rescuer.

If you do not have these remedies at hand, an old home remedy will help you just as quickly. An envelope with commercial, cold curd pulls the heat from the pulled body part and can also be used for skin damage without irritating the skin.

Homeopathy for sprains in dogs

In the case of a sprain of the dog, homeopathic remedies such as Arnica Essence act as a wash or wrap if there are no vacancies and Arnica D 6 inwardly often miracles. The remedy should be given at least three times a day.

The dog should be kept as quiet as possible for a week, so that the swelling can go back. If Arnica is indicated, rest and exercise will worsen the condition. Arnica alone does not work well, can Bryonia to help with improvement through rest and aggravation by movement. Rhus Toxicondendron shows pain after rest and at first movement, but improves with continued movement.

Heat also improves the condition of the disease. If ligaments or tendons are involved, can Ruta be used. In bruising the bones should be symphytum help. Arnica or Symphytum can also be applied externally as wraps or washes.

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