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You have a child who seems closed? It does not quite find friends, retires and has little joy in life? We know many such examples in homeopathy. Sometimes it was a drastic event that drove the children into this behavior. Here is an example of the 9-year-old Carla and the dramatic healing success of homeopathy.

Locked and withdrawn

It is distressing to see children already suffer so much that they seem to withdraw completely from the world. In the case of Carla, there were still unspeakable headaches. There was no time to remember the child who had not had a headache. At school, she often sat alone, not playing with friends during the breaks because she did not have one. She was helped with a homeopathic therapy. How can this work?

Homeopathy cures chronic headache and grief at the same time

In the case of Carla, the healing success achieved by homeopathy was dramatic. The medical history had revealed that Carla's mother had left her at the age of four. Although she grew up in a family with stepmother, her behavior was that of a grieving child who feels abandoned.

In this case, helped the homeopathic remedy sodium chloratum to a quick success. Even the teachers subsequently became interested in homeopathy. Carla was after a short time happy and open to other people. She took a share and developed into a balanced child. The headache disappeared in no time.

Homeopathy understands the symptoms of life force as an expression of the appropriate remedy

In this case, you can see how grief can affect behavior. Homeopathy understands the symptoms of life force as an expression and indication of the appropriate remedy. Therefore, the detailed history is essential. If we miss the reasons for an imbalance, then we can find the right remedy difficult.

Healing success in homeopathy

Despite all the hostility, homeopathy repeatedly reports wonderful healing effects. The system has been proven for 200 years. Even then, the best doctors were sent to dismantle homeopathy. They became their biggest supporters. Why? Because it is a logical system based on the laws of nature. A cost-effective and non-violent medicine that has improved the quality of life of so many people and families!

Recommended reading: L. Jordan encourages homeopathy with her comprehensibly written book "Difficult Children". It has been published by Narayana-Verlag.

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