Treat homeopathic fear of being alone in children

The fear of being alone is often very pronounced in children. However, if the anxiety is so severe that mothers can not even leave the room without the child starting to cry or cry, homeopathic treatment can be helpful. Read here which homeopathic remedies can help.

To be afraid of being alone in children – which homeopathic remedies can help?

To be able to choose between the indicated homeopathic remedies, it is first of all important to recognize where the fear of being alone in a child comes from. Can not it be alone, because once it is alone in a room, it can no longer orient itself? Or is it, when alone, back to a traumatic situation? Is it not sufficiently separated from its mother and feels completely helpless and helpless when alone?

Certainly it is difficult to make a clear distinction between the different states. However, if we dedicate ourselves to a detailed history of this fear, parents or the child themselves can usually report very precisely what this fear is all about.

Frequently indicated homeopathic remedies

For children who are not yet separated from the mother, the homeopathic remedies of the second row of the periodic table are often displayed. These are Beryllium, Borax venata and lithium, In homeopathic practice is most common Borax venata administered. Borax venata is indicated when the affected child suffers from a strong fear of downward movement at the same time. This can occur, for example, if you want to drop the child you carry in your arms, or in the elevator or on the escalator.

Fear of being alone after trauma: Which homeopathic remedies help?

Especially children who have suffered a birth trauma later tend to develop a strong fear of being alone. If the mother leaves the room, or if they are to wait in the car for a while, until the mother comes home from a shop, they are overwhelmed by fear.

They start crying and screaming and can not calm down until the mother is back in sight. Here it is important to treat the earlier homeopathic trauma. Important homeopathic remedies for the treatment of a birth trauma are Aconite and stramonium, If a child has suffered trauma from an accident and then develops strong fears of being alone, it is often the homeopathic remedy Arnica displayed.

The affectionate child

For some children, the fear of being alone does not come to light. They are simply considered very affectionate and outgoing. Through their winning nature and charm, they are able to avoid being alone. Bring them to bed in the evening, the fear occurs very strong. For these children is often the homeopathic remedy phosphorus helpful.

Also Carcinosin may be indicated if the child is very friendly and well-tolerated during the day but suffers from severe anxiety as soon as the caregiver leaves the room in the evening. If the anxiety in the evening and at night is very strong and other fears arise, such as the fear of darkness, of water, of dogs and other animals, can also here to the homeopathic remedy stramonium be thought of.

Other homeopathic remedies that have a strong attachment to their middle picture are Strontium carbonicum, Pulsatilla, Bismuthum, Barium carbonicum and Calcium carbonicum.


For the homeopathic treatment of the fear of being alone in children different homeopathic remedies come into question. Depending on whether the anxiety is due to a previous trauma or due to a lack of ego development, homeopathic trauma remedies are like Aconite, Stramonium or arnica or means from the 2nd row of the periodic table such as beryllium or borax venata indicated.

The fear of being alone together with a great attachment and sociability, are usually homeopathic remedies like Phosphorus, carcinosin or Pulsatilla displayed. The homeopathic remedies Strontium, bismuthum, barium carbonicum and Calcium carbonicum are characterized by a certain dependence, which can also lead to the fear of being alone in children.

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