Tinder and Grindr investigated after several cases of child rape: report


Tinder may not be strict enough to comply with its age policies.

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Two well-known dating applications, Tinder and Grindr, will have to give explanations to the government of the United Kingdom for the presence of minors in their services, after more than 30 cases of children and adolescents victims of rape were reported, related to the use of of both applications.

The news came to light through a report by The Times. In it, the newspaper explained that the authorities in the United Kingdom were conducting an investigation after finding that up to 30 minors who registered and used both applications were violated. The Times report explains that authorities are investigating another 60 cases, which allegedly link sexual abuse with the use of these services.

Jeremy Wright, secretary of the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports of the United Kingdom, will demand that both companies give explanations on how they verify the ages of the users who use their applications.

"This is really shocking and further evidence that technology companies have to work much harder to protect children, and I'm going to communicate with these companies to find out what measures they take to keep children safe, including their verification systems. If the answer does not satisfy me, I reserve the right to exercise more harsh actionss against them, "Wright said Monday, in a statement emailed to the source.

A spokesman for Tinder said in a statement e-mailed to the Times that his application uses "industry-leading tools, automated processes and review manuals" to keep minors out of the application.

They ensure that they are constantly evaluating and refining their processes to prevent minors from accessing them. "

A representative of Grindr told the media that the company is "constantly improving" its tools.

"Grindr is committed to creating a safe and secure environment to help our community connect, and any account of sexual abuse or any other illegal behavior is a clear violation of our terms of use," the representative said in his statement.

These events come shortly after another important application, Instagram, recently had to reinforce its control measures against minors.

The social network will control the images of suicide and self-harm that are uploaded on its platform, after a minor committed suicide in the UK and her family blamed the application of the facts.

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