This is the first image of the PS5 development kit

The Internet has been speculating for months on the strange prototype of the V-shaped PlayStation 5 that It looked in the patent documents and in several attributed industrial designs to Sony, but now it seems that we finally have the first real image of the console. Twitter user @Alcoholikaust posted an image this weekend showing two of the console development kits next to each other.

Tom Warren, a journalist for The Verge later confirmed on Twitter that these are the same development kits that circulated on the Internet since the first illustrations leaked last summer. How do you explain this strange design? Apparently, facilitates stacking when developers need to move several machines to Practice different stress tests. And, like many others have commented, this V shape also helps optimize console cooling. Also, I'm sure that It could be the perfect place to store the iron from now on.

Jokes aside, keep in mind that this is supposed to be the PlayStation 5 development kit, and that these prototypes often vary greatly from the final design. Sony will probably share more details as we approach its launch during the Christmas of 2020. Some people have suggested that the DualShock remote shown in this new image could be the updated DualShock 5 (it looks a lot like the one that appears in a Sony patent), but no one has been able to confirm it at the moment.

An informant who claimed to be working on a title for the upcoming Sony and Microsoft consoles told Gizmodo that this prototype came out earlier this year and was named "Prospero", although the developers have had other versions of the console since 2018. You can read more about the specifications that we shared a long time ago, but much of the information that was handled was quite vague.

As for what we know for sure, much is due to this interview of Wired with Mark Cerny, important figure inside from Sony. According to Cerny, the PlayStation 5 will feature a CPU and a New GPUs, 3D audio, retrocompatibility and possibly the most interesting of all, an SSD hard drive which promises processing speeds and of load faster to be up to date with graphics of the new games. A demo of the new console made his predecessor pale: while the PS4 Pro took about 15 seconds to load a game from Spider-man, tol new prototype of the PS5 took less than one.

Our informant also claimed that this prototype had cameras included, suggesting that the new console from Sony could bring built-in support for streaming video games on platforms like Twitch, Mixer or Youtube. However, Sony has said nothing about the existence of said function, and Microsoft has also denied rumors Similar regarding your new console.