This drone pilot is so incredibly good that his rally videos look like they're taken from a video game

YouTube allowed a few years ago that the world of rally came to people as never before, but I never thought that the drones were going to revolutionize the competition again, especially that of the drifting

The fun part of going to an event drift to feel inside a YouTube video. But, even if you are near cars, you see them slip and smell like a burned tire, you can not get inches from them or chase them around the track at the same speed.

That's what the videos recorded with drones are for Mr. Steele.

Check out this rough material from the last Gridlife festival on the Road Atlanta, possibly the first time a drone managed to fly at the height of the circuit:

And here is the edited version of the same video:

This gentleman became the talk of the sector of drifting in the United States when their recordings came out. Everyone told stories about how he had landed on the roof of a racing car:

But to understand why this is more than a man driving a drone, you also have to meet Johnny FPV. Johnny caused a sensation with this video recorded almost at the same time in an official Formula Drift event in St. Louis:

The surprising thing is that Formula Drift used its material in the official broadcasts of the event. I put the last round in Irwindale and I realized with some annoyance that there was a small white dot in all the shots. It did not take me long to realize that it was Johnny's drone.

The images seemed an eccentricity … until the end. In the race, Fredric Aasbo's yellow Corolla crashed into the wall while chasing the green and gray Mustang of Vaughn Gittin. The external angles of the camera did not show us much.

However, the Johnny FPV images showed how exactly the hit had been. The drone had flown all the time behind Aasbo, almost at the same height and at the same speed.

The Formula Drift uploads all its live broadcasts to YouTube, so you can go to the second 7:19:16 to see it in deferred.

The recording seems low resolution because it was broadcast live. Johnny uploaded the clip in its original resolution and it looks like a video game.

I can not beat how good these videos are. I need to hire one of these gentlemen to make my own videos. Well, first I should learn to do anything worthy of being recorded with drones, but when I get it I'll call Mr. Steele.