They find in Australia a python covered with more than 500 ticks inside a pool

Screenshot: Euronews

Where on the planet would we be able to find a python covered by hundreds of ticks in a pool? Yes, in Australia. A most unusual case in a country where anything is possible if we talk about animals.

Apparently, the find took place inside a pool. According to snake hunter Tony Harrison, the man who rescued her:

The reptile looked sick, covered in parasites and lying in a pool in the Gold Coast courtyard in Queensland. I guess the python was in the pool trying to drown the ticks. It was seen that the animal was suffering a lot, with his face swollen and as if blooming, completely overwhelmed by the ticks he was raising on his skin.

Video that has gone viral on networks attests to Harrison's words. The man took the animal to a veterinary clinic and they removed more than 500 ticks from the body.

The truth is that it is normal for snakes to drag small amounts of ticks or other parasites in the wild. However, the presence of such a large amount indicated that the snake probably had some type of underlying disease, according to Professor Bryan Fry of the University of Queensland, "possibly due to heat stress or drought conditions":

Clearly, it was a seriously ill animal that had its natural defenses shattered. I doubt if he had survived if he had not been taken out and received treatment.

In fact, finally and after the extraction of the ticks the python has remained weak and suffers from anemia. According to the veterinary clinic, "we hope to release it back to nature in the coming months" [BBC]