The Y-Brush brush looks like mouth guard and cleans your teeth in a jiffy


The Y-Brush is designed to brush every tooth in your mouth in 10 seconds.


The American Association for Dental Health (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time. But what do they know? The French company FasTeesH says that you only need 10 seconds of brushing. Of course, for this, you have to use the company's toothbrush, called Y-Brush.

Known as the 10-second toothbrush, the Y-Brush is all efficiency. Instead of moving the small brush head from tooth to tooth, the Y-Brush takes care of cleaning half of your mouth at once.

The Y-Brush does not look like a conventional toothbrush. Instead, it looks like a mouth guard worn by athletes. The Y-Brush tray is covered with nylon bristles at a 45 degree angle, which is the same angle as the ADA recommends that you hold the brush against your gums. The trays come in four sizes, from those intended for adults to children.

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The Y-Brush has two parts: an engine and a tray for the brush.


On the front of the brush tray is a small handle with a trapezoid-shaped motor that vibrates to clean your teeth. There are three vibration settings that allow you to find the most comfortable vibration for you. The handle and the brush tray have the shape of a Y.

To use this brush, you have to position it in your mouth and start the engine. The brush vibrates while you perform the biting motion for 5 seconds. Then, you take it off, invert it and repeat.

It sounds a little crazy, right? Although I could not try one of these brushes at CES 2019, I can see its potential. The Y-Brush is in the clinical testing phase. The ADA has also failed to examine the Y-Brush in the United States. The Y-Brush can be ordered in advance and is expected to start shipping in April 2019.

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