The unwelcome sound in the ear

Has it hummed in your ear already? Maybe also whistled or hummed?
Tinnitus has become a widespread disease in Western countries. Every third person has already noticed this phenomenon of sound. Many sufferers suffer from chronic tinnitus and thus lose a large part of their quality of life. Classical homeopathy can put an end to this condition.

What is tinnitus?

Ear noises, which are perceived independently of an external background noise, is called tinnitus. Basically, it is not a disease but a symptom that is increasingly affecting more people.

The perceived sounds can range from whistling, humming and hissing, to hammering. The tinnitus league has published auditions that give an idea of ​​the level of noise that people suffer from.

How does homeopathy help with tinnitus?

In the homeopathic literature, sound has already been differentiated in the ear for 200 years. As homeopaths, we are interested in all the peculiarities that affect the symptom itself. How exactly does it sound, when does it happen, what makes it stronger? Are there situations where it is not perceived?

But this is just one part of the medical history. An exact consideration of the life course is inevitable. Does the patient himself have a guess as to what the tinnitus is related to? Was there a particularly stressful time in the family or at work? All this information is of great importance, because we homeopaths do not look at people with their symptoms in isolation, but always keep the overview.

From a variety of several thousand remedies, the appropriate remedy is sought on the basis of the individual symptoms. The tinnitus heals as well as other symptoms, because the life force is back in balance.


Tinnitus does not arise out of nothing. Homeopaths have been looking at people in their individuality for more than 200 years. Tinnitus is a symptom and others preceded it. With the knowledge, the connections and the pharmacology, homeopaths all over the world manage to silence the unwelcome sound in the ear.

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