The speakers find the red thread again with the following 3 tips!

It is the absolute nightmare for anyone who makes a speech: A big hole opens up! Nothing works anymore! The red thread seems lost forever. For the speakers who have caught the blackout, there is an emergency suitcase here. The following tips will bring your speech to a happy ending!

The great American writer Mark Twain once put it so aptly: "The human brain is a great thing. It works from the moment you are born until the time you get up to give a speech! "It can affect anyone. Even the most experienced speaker after more than a hundred well completed performances: The attention is gone.

Emergency Tip # 1: Speakers in Need – Dare to Backtrack!

"Stay calm!" Say that to a speaker who does not know what to do! But what always helps: Just summarize the last big paragraph of your speech, the last major meaning, together again. During this time, many speakers often come back and pick up the thread again.

Emergency Tip # 2: Temporary Cancellation – Take a break from art!

A few seconds time. A little change. And many speakers quickly find their way back by provoking a brief interruption. For example, ask them to open the window because they are suffering from the bad air. Or ask a listener for a glass of water because your throat is so dry you can not talk anymore.

Emergency Tip # 3: Why should you know everything? Ask your audience!

They do not know how to continue. And gradually, the first questioning faces among the visitors become clear. Then you win some time by asking a question. "You look so questioning? What do you think, why this is the case? Everybody has to think about the three main reasons! "And you have at least one minute to find your way around.

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