The right wine for Christmas dinner: goose and duck

As Christmas dinner, goose and duck love to land on the German plates. The rather high-fat poultry literally calls for wine as a companion, and here you can then even one or two more sophisticated drop in the glasses.

Wine for Christmas dinner: goose

The roast goose is the No. 1 poultry classic among Christmas dinners and is wonderfully accompanied by wine. From a red wine that has a good structure, strength and acidity to stand up to the really fat goose meat. It also goes well with the traditionally served red cabbage. The other side dishes such as potatoes or dumplings are not crucial for the selection of wines.

  • Germany: Top-early burgundy or strong Pinot Noir (both with barriques)
  • France: Rhône, preferably southern section (Gigondas or Châteauneuf-du-Pape) or strong Bergerac
  • Austria: strong Blaufränkisch from Burgenland
  • Italy: Teroldego Rotaliano from Trentino (top quality only), mature Brunello di Montalcino or mature Amarone della Valpolicella or very good Ripasso
  • Australia: Rhône style à la GSM (Grenache-Syrah-Mourvèdre)

Wine for Christmas dinner: duck

The poultry classic No. 2 among the Christmas dinner. If only the breast is fried, this does not change the wine selection. The fine sweetness of the meat and the often fruity-sweet preparation limit the wine selection, where you can focus on red wine. The wine tips also harmonize with classic side dishes such as red cabbage and potatoes.

  • Germany: high-quality Pinot Noir (Ahr, Pfalz, Baden, Rheinhessen)
  • Austria: high quality Blauburgunder or St. Laurent
  • France: Merlot-based wine from Bordeaux or Languedoc-Roussillon
  • Italy: high quality Merlot (Friuli, Tuscany, Sicily), Valpolicella Ripasso, Pinot Noir from South Tyrol
  • Overseas: good, full of Merlot (California, South Africa, Chile)

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