The iPhone will say goodbye to the Lightning port: This would be Apple's plan



Soon we could say goodbye once and for all of the cables to charge an Apple cell phone.

Óscar Gutiérrez / CNET

In 2016, Apple removed the iPhone 7 headphone port and now everything seems to indicate that a momentous change is coming to the next iPhone. Will Apple change the Lightning port to a USB Type C or do you have other plans?

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Apple would say goodbye to the Lightning port in 2021


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Well, the truth is that it does not seem that Apple is going to change the charging port to USB Type C. Rumors are more opted for a total disappearance of them.

The first reports about the possibility of the hearing aid port disappearing completely came in 2018, but now we know that this could happen because Ming-Chi Kuo, the largest filter of Apple devices, has given a clear indication that this is going to happen.

This means that by 2021 Apple would launch the iPhone without a charging port, looking for a totally wireless and wireless charging experience, which we hope will be much faster than today, like some Android phones that already offer charging standards very fast.

Of course, these news will not come alone, because the rumors that Basic AirPods would come with the cell phone they get even stronger, and this adds to the possibility that this cell phone without ports is the most premium of all. This reminds me of that rumor that we will see five iPhone in 2021, two of them would be launched at the beginning of the year, and three in the fall. Maybe at least one of them comes without ports, so Apple can experience this technology.

Apple is not the first to want to launch a cell phone without a charging port. Live launched the I live Apex, a concept without ports, and we have seen other concepts during the last year.

Of course, there are two small problems that I see this iPhone without ports.

  • Will Apple also make us change cars? Many vehicles, or rather most of them, do not have wireless connection for the cell phone, so you could not connect your brand new iPhone without ports to Car Play.
  • The second inconvenience maybe you hadn't thought about it but, An iPhone without cables means you will have to back up all your content on iCloud or other services. Forget about connecting it to a computer to save your videos, photos or files.

This week we also report that the Mac Pro finally went on sale, although with a somewhat prohibitive price, because the computer of greater configuration costs more than US $ 50,000, a madness. We also knew that Apple will participate in the CES fair in Las Vegas, which starts in January 2020. This is the first time since 1992 that the company decides to participate, although it will only do so in a conference on privacy.

And to close, we have not forgotten the new Powerbeats 4, which according to a report would already be in production. The evidence was obtained through an iOS 13.3 update, where we were able to know (among other details) that Siri will be able to activate, something that the Powerbeats Pro.