The homeopathic remedy Hypericum perforatum (St. John's wort)

Hypericum perforatum (St. John's Wort) is known as a herbal remedy for depressive moods. In homeopathy, it is a great remedy for the treatment of nerve injuries, injuries to the head and spine and the consequences, eg. B. Memory loss after concussion.

Hypericum perforatum (St. John's wort)

Kingdom: plant
plant family : Guttiferae (Hartheugewächse)
miasma: Acute

Keywords for Hypericum perforatum: Injuries of the nerves, accompanied by shooting pain, consequences of head injuries, asthma in foggy weather, neuralgic pain in changing weather, dejected and whiny.

Common Indications of Hypericum: Very painful injuries to parts of the body with many nerves, eg. Toes, fingers, coccyx; Bruises, lacerations and puncture wounds on hands and feet; Injuries to the tooth nerves, the coccyx; Headache, cramping or memory loss after a concussion.

Tags for Hypericum: Nerve injuries to strongly innervated body parts such as coccyx, spine, head, tooth nerves, fingers, toes in impact, squeezing, puncture, incision and lacerations.

Neuralgic pain, shoot the nerves along. Nervous and restless, low pain threshold Sensitivity disorders.

Keynotes: Unbearable, excessive pain, marked sensitivity to pain, nervous, whiny, shooting lancinating pain along the nerves, the pain comes suddenly and slowly subsides. Sensitive senses.

Trigger of hypericum complaints: Injuries, changing weather, foggy, cold weather, shock.


Improvement of symptoms by: fresh air, eating, head tilting backward, prone position, lying on face, lying still.

Worsening of symptoms by: Injury, vibration, stairway up and down, movement, shock, weather change, fog, cold, damp weather, cold air, closed spaces.

Desire: warm drinks, vinegar, marinated meat, spicy, hot milk, wine.

Antipathy against: Sight of fatty pork, smell of coffee, wine.

Incompatibility: –

General symptoms: Discomfort from changing weather, symptoms extend from the bottom up, the body halves feel differently,

Psychic picture of Hypericum: The people who help with the remedy are compassionate and nimble. They feel they have to hurry, as if important things are about to happen. The mind is also very mobile, the thoughts often rush ahead.

The Hypericum people are quick and nervous, which can lead to clumsiness. Dentist visits avoid them, they have a strong memory of painful events. A concussion can lead to memory loss. There is a fear of downward movement.


Acute complaints: : 3-5 globules three times a day in the potencies D6 or D12
Once a Globuli C30
Once a Globuli C200

Annotation: If the mental symptoms are very pronounced, C potencies such as the C30 or the C200 are indicated. If the symptoms are less and present only on the physical level, the D-potencies are sufficient. Here then 3-5 globules should be administered several times daily.

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