The dates of the Winter Sale 2019 and our selection of good plan still online this Thursday evening

The dates of the Winter Sale 2019 and our selection of good plan still online this Thursday evening

Updated selection on Thursday, January 10 at 18:45.

Christmas went well thank you, the turkey and the log were not bad. On the other hand, Santa Claus did not sprain too much and the tree was a bit cold. Retreat for the disappointed, those who miss the beautiful promotions of Black Friday 2018 or consumers who are waiting for the period of the winter sales to equip at a lower cost.

The dates of the 2019 Balances

From Wednesday, January 9, 8am and until Tuesday, February 19, we will expect to see the promotions to sell at online merchants who intend to sell their stocks with aggressive discounts. For consumers, and after the end-of-the-year shopping compressor rollers, this is still an interesting time to do good business. If you are looking for a recent smartphone, a drone, an Oled 4K TV, a camera or a console of last generation, it's time to be attentive to the proposals of the shops .

Our selection of the best deals of the day


With the Galaxy S8 Plus, Samsung has it succeeded in keeping a 6.2-inch screen in a format that is sufficiently ergonomic? Elements of answer pending our full test.

The P20 Lite may be the lightest version of the P20, it is nonetheless a robust smartphone and especially rooted in the times, despite a price that can be discouraging.

While the segment of very small smartphones is deserted by manufacturers who simply offer machines often disappointing in use, Apple's proposal is a hit. Its iPhone SE, perfect is the aging iPhone 5 or even 5s, is like an iPhone 6s in very compact format. Its performance and its wide autonomy presage of an excellent life and this very balanced machine answers perfectly to a precise problematic: to target a population in search of a small smartphone effective and usable with only one hand. For this target, it will be the best choice currently.

The iPhone X offers a real technological break, but its price is most exclusive. The iPhone 8 presents some novelties of the order of the "incremental", but it is difficult to justify the price gap with his grandfather, the iPhone 7. Because the iPhone 7 is the choice of the reason for the Apple tribe. A price well placed for a smartphone that remains a solid reference on the segment. Water resistance, perennial configuration, a brighter screen and for the first time on a 4.7-inch model an optical stabilization. The least expensive terminal finally has 32 GB of storage, it would almost forget the disappearance of the jack. The early adopters will probably look at the side of the iPhone X and we can not give them wrong. Pragmatists will wait for the second version of the borderless iPhone or opt now for this iPhone 7 tested.

The Galaxy Note 8 ticks all the boxes of the current high-end smartphone of his stylus and makes him pay the high price. Is it worth it? Answer in this test.

Expected as the Messiah by Apple fans, the iPhone X has finally arrived and so far, it lives up to expectations. Edge-to-edge screen, flawless design, double stabilized photo sensor, and performance unmatched or almost, the iPhone X is the new iPhone that was expected since the iPhone 6. New, which will however require to relearn some gestures to use his smartphone. We will not forget the end of the TouchID fingerprint sensor in favor of FaceID facial recognition, which is not necessarily always practical. Still, the iPhone X is the indisputable choice at Apple at the end of the year for who has the means.

The Mi Mix 2 is the screenless smartphone that will delight Android fans. It is still not officially available in France, but there are solutions to get it.

The Galaxy S9 does not distinguish itself frankly from its predecessor by the design, but significantly improves its photo part with for the first time on smartphone a variable aperture: f / 2.4 or 1.5 depending on the light conditions. In addition to this feature, the Galaxy S9 keeps everything that made the salt of its predecessor: curved AMOLED display, water resistance, wireless charging and high performance. A beautiful set that allows the S9 to get on the podium of the best terminals of the moment.

But also :

Samsung Galaxy A6 + at 199 € instead of 369 € at Rue du Commerce
Asus Zenfone Max M1 at 135 € instead of 199 € at Amazon

TV / tablet:

The LG B8 is the most accessible OLE 2018 TV of the Korean giant, and although it embeds a lower image processing processor than its big brother the C8, the difference in terms of image quality is not blatant . It is much more on the bill however, since this model will save you several hundred euros for an image just as exceptional, a very correct and improved compared to last year and a design as always attractive . The difference on this point is at the level of the foot since that of the C8 is elongated and curved when that of the B7 is smaller and pyramid (which is even more practical in reality). In short, this B8 offers an unbeatable price / quality ratio in the Oled market, and even in the high-end TV market in general. What to offer the best image for less than 2000 euros.

Not rated

Philips 65PUS7303 UHD

The Philips 65PUS7303 is a very good LCD TV with a 4K definition, running Android TV giving a wide range of available applications, and Ambilight compatible (dynamic wall lighting that follows the images displayed). But above all, it benefits from the very good image processing processor Philips P5, present on the most high-end models of the brand. It also has a Direct LED backlight system (several lighting zones on the slab) which is generally better than the Edge LED (lighting from the edges of the slab), all for a price that remains relatively reasonable.

Not rated

Samsung QE49Q6F (2018)

The Samsung Q6F is the most affordable QLED TV of the brand. Here, no One Connect case to deport the connectors and hide the cables and no Full LED as on the Q9, we just LED on the edges (Edge LED). Nevertheless, the TV enjoys a beautiful colorimetry, a flattering contrast ratio and the very good homemade OS Samsung, Tizen. In addition to its particularly ergonomic interface, the latter embeds a few nice and exclusive functions like the ambient mode, a kind of screen saver allowing the TV to mimic your wall to blend in your interior. A nice product, but still a little expensive this-says.

Although not given, the XF9005 offers excellent image quality, superb design and enough options to appeal to anyone who is not just looking for a good deal.

And also :

Headphones / sound:

After a Zik, first name, very successful but perfectible, Parrot had reviewed his copy with the Zik 2. Rebelote with the Zik 3! The French manufacturer is evolving its concept of ultra-connected headphones with a design that evolves to become less massive, more elegant. Comfort also improves with weight loss and a greater range of hoop. The Zik 3 retains the touch headphones and the app. The latter, a real control center, allows you to adjust the sound as close to your tastes. The range of settings offered makes it a headset for polymorphic audio rendering.

As with the first Boom, Ultimate Ears (UE) plays the color card with the Boom 2. Again, the qualities of this portable Bluetooth speaker is not limited to its colors. We find the very good audio rendering and the Boom 2 pushes even further the notion of resistance. It is waterproof. Specificity of Ultimate Ears, the ability to pair two speakers to cover a larger area or to find a real stereo is also there. Very practical and clever! To not spoil anything, the enclosure retains the autonomy of 15 hours of its elder.

The Megaboom Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears keeps the assets of its little sister and improves some. The Megaboom (like the Boom) is clearly positioned as one of the best nomad speakers on the market.

With the StayHere mounting system, the Bose SoundSport combines comfort, moisture resistance, ergonomics and audio quality to a very high standard. A helmet to advise all athletes.

But also :

Photo / Image / Drone:

For around 600 euros, you have an expert compact camera with 20Mpx one-inch sensor packed with features and excellent image quality, probably the best at its price, as well as a quick focus. However, like many of his competitors, his autonomy is quite limited (he has difficulty with a day). In addition, its ergonomics could be better. That said, the Panasonic Lumix LX15 offers excellent value for money and is therefore an interesting choice.

Not rated

Parrot Disco

The Parrot Disco is a drone of a new kind. He resumes the design of a flying wing, he is closer to an airplane than a helicopter. Logically, this atypical design (for a drone) opens a new field of possibilities. It can reach a speed of 80 km / h. It comes with a SkyController that allows you to manage speed, direction and altitude. You can also drive on sight. The "cockpit glasses" helmet takes on the concept of a Gear VR, your smartphone is housed inside to act as a screen.

For a Star Wars fan this flying derivative can be a good gift idea. This is even more true that this Star Wars drone is particularly neat and that it looks in all respects with those of the saga. For besides the wahou effect after unpacking (the music of Star Wars sounds and a Plexiglas box lights up to unveil the drone) this Speeder Bike 74-Z offers strong performance in the air. The flight experience is excellent and the sensation of speed (more than 50 km / hour) simply bluffing.

And also :

Peripheral devices :

A professional SSD at the price of the general public, or less to equip your PC computer with an SSD instead of a hard drive in order to gain speed. The 256 GB version is available at 60 € at Boulanger.

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This compact printer model does not prevent it from being multifunctional: it can also scan and copy documents. It connects to a computer and other compatible devices through USB or WiFi. It is proposed on sale at 49 € at Boulanger.

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If you are more like a late-night click in an apartment, in a quiet space like a bookshelf, or if clicks annoy you, this sweet and quiet mouse will delight you. They are poposée at the price of 24 € on Amazon.

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External hard drives and storage

Keyboard and mouse


PC screens


Laptop :

The best offers

10 to 12 inches

13 inches

14 inches

15 inches

17 inches

The corners at the merchants

All online stores know the appetence of consumers for this traditional meeting conso and to attract the barge, they offer designer spaces Soldes gathering all available and future offers. You can also count on CNET to make the selection of best deals of the day and flush out the real good deals from this Wednesday 8h. In the meantime, you can always browse the corners dedicated to the Sale and other great deals from the main online shops:

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