The Bloodhound LSR supersonic car has reached 800 km / h

The recently revitalized project LSR bloodhound has reappeared in the automotive scene in a big way. A year ago, the idea of ​​"reaching 1,600 km / h (1,000 mph)" seemed doomed to fail. But now, the supersonic car has skyrocketed over halfway, and there is a very good chance that the pilot Andy Green can achieve the great goal.

Go from 0 at 1,600 it is as absurd as it is dangerous, so the Bloodhound team has been slowly preparing with a series of practice races designed to achieve more manageable goals. Think of it as setting a goal to lose weight; It is much healthier and more feasible to divide things into smaller pieces.

The car reached a few hours ago the 800 km / h that you can see (in slow motion 5x) below:

This race firmly establishes the Bloodhound LSR among the ten fastest cars in the world, The Verge reports, and the next big goal to reach is 1,200 km / h, which is the fastest land speed record set by the pilot Andy Green in 1997. And then move on to the big leagues with 1,600 km / h.

I think it is safe to say that reaching 800 km / h was the easy part. There is a reason why no one has broken the Green record in the last 22 years, and that is because it is really difficult to design and build a machine capable of going so fast without everything falling apart. That said, if there is anyone who can do it, it is this team.