Textile Design: How To Design Your Own Shirt – Gift Idea

Especially in summer T-shirts have high season. But they are also attractive in every other season. T-shirts are equally valuable and popular for children, adolescents or adults. Make your own t-shirt. It is also good as a gift idea. Read the tips on how to design a shirt with instructions for different techniques and some tricks.

How to design your T-shirts with different techniques

Material, cut, color and size are the first features your T-shirt brings. These aspects are also decisive for the further course of action:

  • Is this a kids T-shirt or is an adult going to wear this?
  • Maybe you want to bring some fresh wind into your own wardrobe?
  • Or you are looking for an individual gift that you want to design yourself?
  • Also, the fact whether it is a new, a white or colored, maybe even a worn T-shirt, will influence your decision for pattern and design technique.

These techniques are suitable for T-shirts:

  • Napkin technique on t-shirts
  • Embroidery pattern ironed and then painted
  • Name printed on t-shirt, ironed and drawn with a pen
  • Pattern painted with silk screen stencils
  • Paint picture and writing with your own stencils on the t-shirt
  • Embellishments with applications
  • Shapes with the pearl pen
  • Design patterns for T-shirt with a program and then print or print

7 Important Notes for Painting, Printing and Napkin Technique

First of all, I'll give you a few tricks that should be followed for success:

  1. Wash the t-shirt once before starting work.
  2. Always rinse without fabric softener.
  3. Iron the T-shirt smoothly.
  4. When painting or printing, always put a foil, cardboard or board in the interior of the T-shirt before starting work.
  5. Fix the colors from the left by ironing.
  6. Always wash T-shirts from the left.
  7. Maximum temperature when washing is 40 degrees Celsius.

This is how the techniques for designing your T-shirts work

Before you start working, you have chosen a particular technique.

Napkin technique on t-shirts

Little known, but very individual, you can use this technique for one-off pieces, children's T-shirts, or seasonal and lover T-shirts. Also a beautiful bouquet of roses by birthday t-shirt is possible.

How to do it:

  • Follow the same procedure as with the normal napkin technique and remove the top layer of the selected napkin or a printed Tempo handkerchief.
  • Tip: If necessary, cut out your desired motif beforehand.
  • Then, with a special adhesive suitable for textiles, mark the place where the motif gets its place.
  • Put on the motif, smooth with glue from the middle to the edge, and you're done!
  • Allow the T-shirt to dry for 24 hours before ironing it from the left or place a cloth between the motif and the iron. Baking paper goes too.

Tip: With a hair dryer, the drying process can be accelerated.

Other variant: Place motif on a glass, coat, let dry, iron on
Adhesive: textile transfer medium, transparent, 250ml

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