Test Matrix PowerWatch 2: our opinion

Matrix PowerWatch 2 is manufactured by Matrix Industries, a start-up
    Californian specialized in the thermoelectric that had released a
    first version that worked well but was not great. This
    new version is much more successful and is finally approaching a
    everyday watch.

We have it on the wrist non-stop for almost a week and the level of
    his battery did not drop one iota. And if everything goes as planned, we
    we will never need to recharge it.

A connected watch is powered by solar energy and heat from

It's still far from being the best connected watch we have
    never worn, but this is not the goal of its designers. It is
    first the fact that it never needs to be recharged which is the most
    amazing. We can follow the production of solar and thermal energy under
    graphic form on the screen.

The first Matrix watch could only follow the steps and give the time.
    The PowerWatch 2 has a physical condition monitoring with GPS,
    notifications, number of steps, sleep monitoring, calories consumed and
    cardiac frequency. After a week of use, everything is fine. We
    receives notifications with a haptic alert, but sometimes they are
    difficult to read on the color screen always on which is subject to
    reflection. The navigation is not tactile, it is done by buttons
    side. PowerWatch 2 synchronizes with Apple Health Apps
    and Google Fit. For the rest, the data is basic: number of steps,
    calories consumed, sleep (which is not as detailed or helpful
    Fit Fit's Sleep Score application) and production information
    daily energy.

The choice of dials is not huge, but the default dial is clear
    and readable, especially in full sun. We can see the number of steps, the
    heart rate (taken at intervals, not continuously) and start a
    workout, but the GPS signal is a little slow to hang.
    Matrix suggests using GPS only 30 minutes a day before
    the battery life starts to run out. A charging dongle
    micro USB is included in case the GPS drain the battery faster than the
    PowerWatch can not restore it.

What has bothered us most is the fact that notifications
    do not always appear on the watch and result in a simple

Navigation in the interface is not as intuitive as a screen
    Touch. You have to juggle four buttons, which is not great
    convenient. But for all that, we like to wear this watch. Its design a little
    bulky is not weird and it is totally usable at

A high price

579 eurosis a price that may seem hard to swallow for a watch
    totally usable. But if you think of it this way, it's because you
    did not understand the issue. It's the hidden future inside this
    shows who is amazing. If the second generation of PowerWatch can
    already do so, how long will it take before others
    smart watches everyday are powered by the sun, the
    body heat or maybe kinetics? If the PowerWatch was just
    a little better, if it was smaller, if the price was lower, this
    would be our favorite watch. After barely a week spent in his
    company, we already love not having to recharge it. And it's
    as well as things should be.