Telephone conversation in English: 5 tips

A telephone conversation in English has more pitfalls than vocabulary: just as with a face-to-face conversation, you must be careful to observe Anglo-Saxon rules of courtesy. These are the key points if you have an English-speaking contact on the phone:

Telephone conversation in English: Welcome

Germans usually answer by phone only with their surname. In English and Americans this is rude. Just imagine: "Hello, my name is …"

Telephone conversation in English: Introduction

English and Americans usually make a friendly introductory remark – the caller should be able to adjust to the phone call. Take on this habit.

Telephone conversation in English: beware of numbers

Number-wrenches are not uncommon, neither with telephone numbers nor elsewhere. Therefore, in English, enter numbers one by one: "four, two" instead of "fourtytwo".

An English telephone call requires English courtesy

If you want your interlocutor to go into a defensive posture, you are guiding sentences "You must" on. Otherwise you do not do that better! Better, that is polite, formulations are "Would you" and "Could you".

Telephone conversation in English: Listening counts

Do not interrupt your interlocutor, but signal attention and interest. A low-key "Really" or confirming "That's correct" fulfills this purpose.

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