Telecom: towards an alliance between Free and SFR?

The telecom industry is facing major challenges such as the arrival of 5G, the deployment of fiber optics or the place of internet boxes in the connected home. The development of these technologies requires significant investments that weigh on the finances of the groups. This is partly why the issue of consolidation of the sector often comes back on the scene.

Rumors going in this direction are numerous, as well as failed attempts … The latest (current 2018) was that of Bouygues Telecom and SFR (Altice), but if everyone talks about the passage of four to three actors, nobody do not dare to take the plunge.

An alliance between SFR and Free?

A situation that could (perhaps) evolve in 2019. Challenges reports that Dexter Goei, the president of Altice and Thomas Reynaud, the general manager of Iliad-Free met. A discussion on the corner of a table, discreetly when all eyes are on the CES Las Vegas

You will understand, this meeting is far from innocuous … After all, the union between Free and SFR is the only one not to have been attempted. Whether on the side of politics, investors or even Arcep, a consolidation of telecoms seems a good thing. After Free's arrival in 2012, the sector is looking to stabilize.