Strategies for successful sales talks

Since there are products, they want to be sold successfully. An essential element of the sale is the sales pitch. The way this sales pitch is conducted has changed dramatically over time. From the discussion of persuasion to the "two-winner conversation" it was a long way. How should you approach the sales pitch in the present time?

The change in the sales talk has also led to a change in the training needs of the sales assistants.

No longer up-to-date: persuading customers

You should not persuade your customers! The times of persuasion have long been over. In the period of the 50s, the sales staff was to persuade prospective customers and customers as far as possible to buy. Essential for the sale thus appeared the comprehensive knowledge of the product.

In training, product knowledge and product arguments were conveyed accordingly. What speaks for the product, was the central question. Speech techniques and sales tricks that were more intimidating were also necessary and communicated. Such strategies should be avoided today!

Sales talks as a consultation

Even pure counseling should be a thing of the past for you. In the 60s, the sales pitch changed from a "persuasion conversation" to a consultation. Interested parties and customers should be advised and not be persuaded.

The appropriate training of the sales staff focused on sales assistance and conducting an advisory discussion. Even if advice seems necessary, you should think beyond that!

Sales pitch as decision-making aid

The following decade represented the change in the sales pitch for decision-making. Interested parties and customers should be advised in such a way that a decision should be easy for them. In this context, "sales psychology" and marketing strategies were taught as well as conversation techniques. The product knowledge focused on benefit arguments.

Sales talks – the way to a partner talk

If one summarizes the described development, then at that time always the one or the one who led the sales talk was considered as "connoisseur" or "knowing one". This person in charge was, as it were, superior to the person to be counseled because of their knowledge advantage.

This changed in the 80s. Sales talks should henceforth take place as partnership talks without ranking. This also applies to today's time! Be sure to consider your clients as equal partners in your sales pitch.

The sales pitches should build a partnership relationship of the seller to the prospect and customer. The corresponding training of the sales staff thus aimed at the goal of the "two-winner talks". The seller wins by selling the product and the customer wins by solving their problem through the purchased product.

In connection with this form of the sales talk management creativity, free action ability and partnership were trained. But in addition to the partnership attitude, you should consider another aspect.

Win-win situation

Since the 90s, it has been a sales pitch to analyze and solve the problems described by the customer, or rather the "tasks", together with the interested parties and customers. The idea of ​​the "two-winner strategy", new German: win-win situation, has prevailed.

As a result, sales force training today focuses on team behavior and the training of highly complex skills and professional skills. Be up to date and hold a sales pitch with the two-winner strategy to succeed!

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