Spotify is hunting for ad blockers

Spotify is hunting for ad blockers

Spotify has decided to tackle ad blockers that threaten its freemium business model. From 1st March, the streaming service will change its terms of use to make it clear that it prohibits the use of ad blockers and similar services. And this can even go to the termination of an account without notice for the recalcitrant.

" NOTWe have updated our usage rules, stating that all types of ad blockers, bots and fraudulent streaming activities are not allowed , Spotify said.

This hardening should not be confused with the "active listening" feature that the company has been testing since last August and that allows listeners to choose to skip some commercials if they do not want to listen to them. For the record, Spotify offers a free version through the regular broadcast of commercials and a paid subscription to 10 euros per month.

Two million free Spotify subscribers use blockers

According to Digiday, the service has already implemented detection measures to identify users of its free version who use a blocker ads. They would be two million to use this type of tool, accounting for about 2% of monthly users at Spotify freemium.

Many ad-supported websites and streaming services already prevent users from accessing content if an ad blocker is installed, usually by alerting a customer about it and asking them to disable ad blocking to read the page or watch a video.

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