Spices for the heart: nutmeg

Spices not only refine food, they also often have a positive effect on your health and heart. One of the spices that can strengthen the heart is nutmeg.

Nutmeg is a typical spice for the winter and the Christmas season. The aromatic powder goes well with potatoes, eggs and pastries. That's why it smells of nutmeg, especially at Christmas time.

Nutmeg: National Sanctuary

The spice is obtained from the fruit of the nutmeg tree. The is predominantly in tropical Asia, South America and Granada resident. In Grenada, nutmeg is even part of the national flag.

Spice wars around nutmeg

In the past, nutmeg was so precious that even wars were waged because of it. Because in high dosage, the nut unfolds an effect that does not fit so well to a Küchengewürz. Then nutmeg has a intoxicating effect and acts like a drug. This can cause hallucinations and euphoria, which can last for several days.

However, the dosage is difficult and in high dosages, it can easily cause nausea. Therefore, the nutmeg has not been able to establish itself as a drug. When dosing, but always be careful. Because in the long run too much nutmeg can also be poisonous.

Nutmeg goes into the blood

When used normally during cooking, you do not have to worry. It can be toxic only at around 4 grams per day. On the contrary. Because nutmeg is a true all-rounder as a medicinal plant. Among other things, it makes the blood more fluid. This makes the heart work less hard. In addition, the risk of vessel blockage is reduced.

But nutmeg not only protects the heart. The spice helps with stomach problems such as bloating and diarrhea and strengthens the stomach and intestines. Even though nutmegs are no longer used today, spice remains an important part of a healthy life.

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