Spices for the heart: cardamom

Winter and Christmas is also the time for spices. Spices not only refine food, they also often have a positive effect on health and the heart. One of the spices that can strengthen the heart is cardamom.

Even more unknown in this country, cardamom has been an integral part of the kitchen in Asia for 3,000 years. The spice belongs to the family of ginger plants and is often found in gingerbread and speculoos. It tastes slightly spicy and balsamic. Cardamom is native to South India, Thailand and Sri Lanka. The seeds are used. The fruits must be picked by hand. Otherwise there is a risk that the fruits will open and the seeds will be lost.

Cardamom in gingerbread

Especially at Christmas you can often find cardamom. Not only gingerbread and speculoos are seasoned with it, but also mulled wine, Christmas biscuits or liqueurs are often refined with cardamom. In addition to the aroma, the spice also has some benefits for our health. Cardiac patients need to be careful when seasoning with cardamom.

Because cardamom is stimulating. It boosts the heartbeat and the cardiovascular system. That's how the spice gets your tired heart moving. On the other hand, people with high blood pressure (hypertension) or a too high resting heart rate have to take care. It is not recommended to use cardamom regularly.

Heart and stomach

Cardamom does not only affect the heart. It also has other effects that are important to our health. So it promotes digestion and metabolism, helps against bloating and flatulence and strengthens the stomach. So you can even do something for the digestion and the heart with gingerbread.

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