Spaghetti is usually no

The Germans love her, the spaghetti. The Schnurnudeln belong to the fixed assortment of every supermarket or discounter. However, once you take a closer look at the spaghetti offered in Supermercado in Bella Italia, you will notice something strange.

Spaghetti is often spaghetti with us

In Italy, spaghetti is consistently thicker than what we eat under spaghetti. Even if the product is made in Italy and the packaging adorns a large Italian brand name such as Barilla and Buitoni.

What is offered in Germany as spaghetti, is in Italy only as "spaghetti" through, as thin spaghetti. One can now speculate why that is. Do the Germans prefer thin spaghetti or is it possible that Italy's Spaghettini overproduction is sold off?

Spaghetti should already be spaghetti

Whatever the case, the true italophilic amateur chef can not be any different. Because the type, structure and thickness of the pasta are very important for a successful pasta dish and determine the sauce and its consistency.

For example, if you combine the ever-popular "bolognese" with spaghetti camouflaged as spaghetti, do not be surprised if everything falls away from the pasta and you can spoon the sauce out of the plate afterwards. Incidentally, even the "real" thicker spaghetti is the wrong choice for this type of sauce. But that's another topic.

How you still come to real spaghetti

So what to do if you want to cook with spaghetti of Italian thickness? Does one have to become a direct importer of spaghetti? No, luckily there are ways out that can be realized as well as anywhere in Germany:

  • In Italian delis or supermarkets or supermarkets you can often find pasta from other manufacturers who do not produce for the German market. Tips for good standard quality: De Cecco (can also be found in many German supermarkets), Voiello, Riscossa, Divella, La Molisana.
  • Are only Barilla or Buitoni collectible, then resort to the "Spaghettoni". These are thicker spaghetti by name. They have about the thickness that spaghetti should have.
  • If only a single brand is available, for example, the private label at the discount store, the Internet helps. Then just have to order spaghetti in the webshop on stock.

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