Sony confirms the launch date of the PlayStation 5 and brings some details

Sony confirms the launch date of the PlayStation 5 and brings some details

Sony has just confirmed the launch date of the PlayStation 5, those who follow the news will not be surprised, it will arrive for the holiday season 2020, along with the next Microsoft Xbox. In a blog post, Jim Ryan, President of Sony Interactive Entertainment also provides details on the controller of the future console: "one of our goals is to reinforce the feeling of immersion that you feel when you play, and with this new controller we have had the opportunity to look deeper and deeper into how the sense of touch can help , or even improve, this immersion."

Touch feedback and adaptive triggers

To accentuate the feeling of immersion, Sony has worked on two elements in particular, the haptic feedback and the operation of the triggers. The vibration motors that were used since the 5th generation of consoles have been replaced to offer a wider range of tactile feedback, "crashing into a wall during a race will produce a feeling very different from that produced by a tackle on a football field. You can even get an idea of ​​the sensations related to different textures".

Jim Ryan also states that the triggers (L2 / R2) can be programmed to display some resistance depending on the game, "so you can feel a touch of what it's like to bend a bow and notch an arrow, or to accelerate an all-terrain vehicle in a rocky environment".

We can therefore expect evolutions in video games to take into account these new capabilities and thus further improve the players' experience.

Source: Sony