So write a perfect acceptance speech

You have received an award, been nominated guest of honor or member, or simply retired. The round or the audience expects you to say something now. In order to thank all those involved in the award, a speech wants to be well prepared and the words must be chosen very carefully, because you do not want to step on anyone's feet or, much worse, forget someone.

The list of names

For the preparation of a speech of thanks, a list of names should come first. This list can be divided into two parts, the first part containing the names of the people you need to thank (even if you do not like them), the other part contains all the people you would like to thank. Keep the list flexible enough to add names later.

The why

All the people in the list have contributed to your honor and this contribution should be briefly mentioned in your acceptance speech. This may be the mental support of the parents or the supervisor in his or her capacity as a mentor, but perhaps also sponsors who have been on financial aid. Make a note of each name in addition to the reason why you want to thank this person.

The chronological order

Sort the list by importance and group the names accordingly. Parents, partners or family and financiers always want to be named first. Then all others follow in their respective importance.

The time

An acceptance speech should not be too long. Do not linger too long with the individual, that bores the audience. Take into account the time you have available for your acceptance speech, divide it by the number of people named by name. If you find that the time available is not sufficient, group people into groups and proceed by keyword. Finally, thank those who may have forgotten you.

Introductory words

A short introduction describing why you have been awarded an award encourages all participants to tune in to the following. Small anecdotes are always welcome, as well as a brief outline of your resume and the milestones that have brought you into the position.

Practice the speech

Write your acceptance speech on a piece of paper, or even better on index cards. Key points are enough. Find a "guinea pig" that listens to or practices yourself in front of a mirror. Measure the time as well and move one or the other part down or up.

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