So, agree on fair goals

Read how to prepare an appraisal interview so that this succeeds in style: Appraisal interviews are often targeted discussions. It is u. a. discussed which perspectives the employee has in the company and which goals he wants to achieve. Realistic goals, however, can only be agreed upon with fair dialogue.

Prepare for employee appraisal: That's what your employee and you should do

  • Tell your co-worker that the conversation is about working out and setting common goals.
  • Invite your colleague personally to the target conversation.
  • Make sure you have a well-timed appointment: date, location and follow-up appointments should not be a constraint on both sides.
  • Make sure you have timely comments on the topics you want to cite in the appraisal interview. Be sure to make the notes detailed and in a way that lets you know exactly what it is all about. Fast-phrased keywords provide many people with memory gaps in the context of such intensive discussion.

Optimum planning of the target discussion: Make a distinction between the 3 V goals when preparing the employee appraisal

Objectives that are formulated in an employee appraisal usually have a different character. Fair and mutually achievable goals become if you consider a staggering together. Make use of the 3 V goals: solidification goals, change goals and improvement goals.

  • Consolidation goals: In this section of the appraisal interview, you agree on goals that will ensure that a good work performance is maintained.
  • Change goals: This goal talk is about the areas in which the employee can contribute even more intensively.
  • Improvement goals: Every employee has good ideas! Create creative leeway in which the employee can contribute his own ideas.

An employee appraisal becomes successful through concrete formulation!

Use concrete formulations to keep the goals you have jointly devised. To make them workable and verifiable, make sure that you:

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