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In the last few weeks of pregnancy, your little one had very little space in the womb, which gave him a tight border. Her movements gently rocked her to sleep, and her heartbeat and possibly voice murmur and other "outside" sounds were heard. If you "emulate" this postpartum situation, your child will fall asleep much more easily.

Help with falling asleep in children: children like limitation and movement

The baby bed is huge compared to the uterus, and thus the baby lacks protective boundary. In the first months of life, you can give your child a little "uterine feeling" with relatively simple aids, thereby making it much easier for him to calm down and fall asleep. This is particularly important for babies with regulatory disorders (such as writing babies, premature babies, children with three-month colic).

A spring cradle helps children with sleep problems. This is a coil spring for mounting on the ceiling or in a door frame. There is a large net, in which a baby basket can be hung. When the baby awakes or becomes restless, the feather starts to move and gently rocks up and down – it usually falls asleep quickly as a result of the movement. The spring vibrates about 60 to 70 times per minute – in the same rhythm in which the heart of the mother beats.

The advantage of a spring cradle over a wooden cradle: By its own movement, the baby moves the spring itself into motion. So parents do not always have to get up. And the baby learns to fall asleep always in the same place – "Umbettungen", z. B. from the parents bed in the cot, where the little ones often wake up, are unnecessary.

However, as soon as children are able to turn or sit on their own they can not move to the cot for safety reasons.

Sleep problems with children in the first few months of life can also be remedied if you limit them. Wrap your baby tightly in a blanket (also called a pucken). In this limiting protective cover, your child feels better and calms down.

Another remedy is a soothing soundscape. The simplest version, which often works well in the first three months of life, is an old, ticking alarm clock.

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