Sales: headphones, speakers, headphones … the best audio deals

Sales: headphones, speakers, headphones ... the best audio deals

Article updated on 10/01 with some additional offers – The winter sales started Wednesday, January 9, 2019 and will end on Tuesday, February 19, which will leave you plenty of time to do your shopping. However, it is necessary to go quickly because the best offers disappear of course first.

All audio products are concerned, from headphones to speakers to headphones or accessories. This year is no exception, and to save you time, we have analyzed for you the various offers of e-commerce sites. Here is our selection of the best promotions in the audio market from Amazon, Darty, Boulanger and others.

The best

Note that we update this selection regularly by removing offers that are no longer available and adding other interesting promotions (when we find them). Here are the three offers we consider the most interesting:

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Sony MDR-1AM2

Descendant of a great lineage whose closest relative is the prominent 1A, the reputation of the Sony MDR-1AM2 is well established. This wired nomadic headset is just excellent. The finish is clean, the design is elegant, the sound rich and balanced thanks to an extended frequency range (3 to 100000Hz), and it even comes with a second cable jack. On the other hand, lovers of big bass may be disappointed because they are not the most powerful ones.

After a Zik, first name, very successful but perfectible, Parrot had reviewed his copy with the Zik 2. Rebelote with the Zik 3! The French manufacturer is evolving its concept of ultra-connected headphones with a design that evolves to become less massive, more elegant. Comfort also improves with weight loss and a greater range of hoop. The Zik 3 retains the touch headphones and the app. The latter, a real control center, allows you to adjust the sound as close to your tastes. The range of settings offered makes it a headset for polymorphic audio rendering.

The Megaboom Bluetooth speaker from Ultimate Ears keeps the assets of its little sister and improves some. The Megaboom (like the Boom) is clearly positioned as one of the best nomad speakers on the market.

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