Sale of AirPods exceeds that of all its rivals combined: study

The Apple AirPods they maintain the crown in the global market of "true wireless hearables" or totally wireless hearing aids, according to a new first quarter report from Counterpoint Research.

Apple's AirPods led by far the global market for wireless hearing aids during the first quarter of 2019, says Counterpoint.


The Cupertino company managed to maintain the top spot despite considerable growth of Samsung and its hearing aids Galaxy Buds, says Counterpoint, and adds that Apple sold more AirPods than the units sold by its rivals in the list of the ten best-selling brands.

The good news for Apple also has a downside, because while the first generation of AirPods sold very well, the second generation – launched in early 2019 – did not help increase the presence in the first quarter and sales of This model was warmer than initially expected, says Counterpoint.

In addition to the leading role of Apple, Counterpoint highlights Samsung and its Galaxy Buds, which increased their presence significantly compared to the same period of 2018. However, the study also highlights that Samsung's growth is due in part to the company giving away These hearing aids when buying other of their products, unlike Apple that has no gift promotion.

Counterpoint says it is unsafe for Apple to maintain this hegemony with its current AirPods portfolio and with the growth of Samsung, other manufacturers and the imminent arrival of technological titans like Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

In general, the market for these products grew 40 percent year-on-year to reach 17.5 million units sold in the period, especially in North America and Europe, the report says.