Sale 2019: all devices and PC components on sale

Sale 2019: all devices and PC components on sale

Lack of storage space, power, an aging printer and loud speakers? If you have purchases to make in the world of PC components and peripherals the sales period is ideal to complete your equipment.

Renew or supplement his equipment

The sales mark the beginning of a great period of promotions. This can help give a little more money to your home installation or optimize your computer. For example, you can find a new multifunction printer or buy an external drive to save your data.

It is also an opportunity for all those who have a desktop or laptop PC to optimize their machine. This year the price of SSDs has dropped dramatically and the performance gain offered by replacing an old drive is appreciated. It is also easy to increase the RAM available on most machines. DIYers and gamers may consider replacing a graphics card at lower cost or why not acquire new components to assemble.

Our top 3 winter sales 2019 to 11/01

Due to the affluence on the reseller's offer pages do not hesitate to wait while loading or to refresh the page.

1. SAMSUNG SSD 256GB 850 PRO INTERNAL SSD DISK at 60 € instead of 149 €

A professional SSD at the price of the general public, or less to equip your PC computer with an SSD instead of a hard drive in order to gain speed. The 256 GB version is available at 60 € at Boulanger.

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2. Logitech MX Master 2S at 49 € instead of 109 €

The MX Master 2S is a high-end mouse that is a benchmark in its field. It is offered at Cdiscount in a beautiful light gray color at 49 €.

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3. HP DeskJet 2620 All-in-One Printer at 29 € instead of 39 €

HP's most affordable all-in-one wireless printer to date. With easy setup and easy printing from your mobile devices, the HP DeskJet 2600 All-in-One eliminates all the hassles. She is 29 € at Cdiscount.

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