RED by SFR vs. Free Mobile: What is the best mobile plan at 10 € currently?

The holiday season is now a long way off and at the beginning of January, most operators are taking a break from the discounts on their packages without commitment. Most except RED by SFR and Free Mobile who continue their mano to mano on the heart of the market of no commitment, offers 10 €. And the two operators intend to fill up full of subscribers by shooting their best package deals of the year 2018. On the left corner of the ring, SFR, the tailor of the promo that extends an umpteenth time his offer RED Unlimited 40 GB to 10 €, on the right corner, Free Mobile that marks the panties almost extending its concert offer 50 GB to only € 8.99. Which will win the match of the best package without commitment to 10 euros of the week? Fight!

Duration and end date of promos

Before starting hostilities, remember that all these promotions do not have the same period of validity. Only RED by SFR is sold as "unlimited" with prices that will end only upon termination of the contract. At Free Mobile, the promotion will only be valid for 12 months, after one year the offer will return to its original price. Also note the end date of promotions of our challengers: Free Mobile, this Tuesday January 15th and RED by SFR Monday, January 21st.

4G envelope and roaming

40 GB Internet to use in the SFR-listed hex but 50 GB at Free Mobile, the latter takes a slight advantage on this point, considering that this is huge envelopes. Outside the French borders, the sound of the bell is noticeably different because Free offers 3 GB and the bit rate will be restricted in 3G from the European Union and the DOM. In front of and from these destinations, RED offers 4 GB, in 4G.


Unlimited voices / sms

RED by SFR and Free Mobile offer the same voice-rated services with unlimited classics to fixed and mobile in Metropolitan France and DOM (excluding Mayotte) and from Europe / DOM to Metropolitan France / Europe / DOM. SMS and MMS are unlimited in mainland France and from Europe and DOM listed SFR, while at Free SMS are unlimited in France, to the DOM and from Europe and the DOM.

Free Mobile Advantage

Flow rates, the network

Free Mobile has a newer network that is logically more perfectible than the competition. According to the latest report by Arcep, SFR has a coverage of 97% of the population in 4G while Free covers 92% of the population. Covering the territory, concerning average flows, large, medium or small agglo, Free is still behind the three incumbents and this even if it makes up for its delay, especially on 4G flows in average agglomeration.

Advantage RED by SFR

RED is more balanced

Remember that to switch from one operator to another while keeping his phone number, you will have to get your RIO by dialing 3179 on your smartphone. Once your RIO is recovered, the new operator will take care of the portability of your number.

By counting the points, we are on a draw between the two competitors of the day, but the result should be more contrasted. If Free offers a larger data envelope in France metro, roaming in Europe is limited to 3G. Similarly, the coverage is still perfectible at Free Mobile that is catching up (a little) on unlimited SMS to the DOM.
Opposite, the RED by SFR offer is more balanced with 40 GB of data in France metro (more than enough for most users), 4 GB roaming in 4G and coverage more dense than Free. Similarly, remember that the more attractive price of Free Mobile (€ 8.99 / month) will only be valid for one year while it is unlimited time at RED by SFR (€ 10 / month).

RED wins this match, however, if you want to test Free Mobile, it's always the right time with this offer without a strong commitment.

Enjoy this good plan