RED by SFR: mobile plan and Internet box, the real good deals of the week

RED by SFR: mobile plan and Internet box, the real good deals of the week

After a late October / early November dull side of the promos branded RED SFR, this week the operator without commitment regains its aggressiveness. The 12 € package earns interest with a 60GB envelope while the box Internet, the option Débit Plus is again offered as the option calls unlimited mobile. This is again the right time to go according to us. Here are our package recommendations at RED by SFR for this week.

New fiber as ever

The return of the offer was expected. After having capped for almost 1 less on usual speeds, RED / SFR is again aggressive on the fixed Internet in triple play, the ADSL offer is still 15 € and the Fiber offer always proposed 22 €. Except that this week, the Fiber box takes advantage of the option Free Flow Plus.
Usually offered at 5 euros, this option offers debits
re-evaluated (up to 1 Gb / s in reception instead of 200 Mb / s and 400 Mb / s in
emission against 50 Mb / s usually). The unlimited calls option to
mobile is also offered (usually charged 5 euros). With these two options,
the price is normally 32 euros, here the offer is discounted to 22 euros
 per month until Tuesday 12 November. This is really the right time to test the fixed offer of
the operator according to us.

The equipment proposed by SFR holds the
road with
 recent box that integrates Wi-Fi 5GHz MIMO into AC standard for very
solid Wi-Fi speeds (1300 Mbps theoretical) and the HDTV set-top box
4K compatible is accompanied
 an omnidirectional remote control with integrated QWERTY keyboard.
To enjoy the TV option "by Numericable" and its 35 TV channels,
Replay, VoD and the ability to stream TV on the tablet or
 the smartphone via the SFR TV app, it will add 2 euros per month
without engagement). If you want to enjoy a TV package of 100
chains, it will cost 4 euros per month.

If you want to switch to fiber, this very well placed offer is always very attractive.

€ 12, 60 GB and 8 for abroad

Last week the operator offered 50 GB for 12 euros, this week he offers 60, still for 12 euros and this until November 12th. A very attractive offer, this subscription is always without commitment and without condition of duration. Unlimited calls / SMS / MMS (maximum 3 hours per call and limited to 200 different recipients per month) to fixed and mobile in Metropolitan France and DOM (excluding Mayotte) as well as unlimited calls / SMS from the European Union and DOM are naturally included.

Note that the package is flexible, so you can expand your base package to 100 GB (for 8 € more) or enjoy more data abroad (15 GB for € 5 more). The subscriber can manage his package at any time from the application RED & Me, changes are applied or canceled instantly, without additional cost and always without commitment.

In the details and on what we think about it gives:

  • Formula 12 euros: 60 GB in mainland France + 8 GB extra usable from Europe and DOM.
    What we think about it:
    The real deal this week with a huge envelope in France and abroad and a rate that remains very content.
  • Formula 20 euros: 100 GB in mainland France + 10 GB extra usable from Europe and DOM.
    What we think about it: a formula for 20 euros to consider only for the very, very, very large consumer of
    data and a sufficiently comfortable envelope for the foreigner. On our side, we zap …

It follows that the least expensive of these formulas, namely the 60 GB at 12 euros is the most balanced and therefore the most interesting in our opinion.

It's time to switch

On the mobile, we can only advise you to opt for the formula 60 GB for 12 euros. It will cover the needs of all users with a considerable data envelope in France and abroad. Surely the best deal package of the week. Its flexible and flexible formula will meet any occasional needs, for long holidays abroad for example. The other proposed mobile formulas seem to us less well placed. On fixed, the Fiber offer at 22 € becomes clearly attractive since the option Débit Plus is again offered, as the unlimited calls to mobile.

Recall that the packages of
RED are without commitment, so you can change operator when
you feel good and naturally keep your phone number for
take advantage of these offers.