Play with paper and pen

Cheese box and City Country River formerly knew every child. These paper and pen games are not only entertaining, they playfully promote strategic thinking and increase the ability to concentrate. We have modernized some old classics in a modern way and have come up with some funny new games for paper and pencil.

Games with paper and pen: City Country River


  • Din A 4 writing pad
  • pencil

Every child gets a sheet of paper and divides it into columns. Traditionally, the columns are given the following headings: city, country, river, name, animal, occupation, plant. The points are entered in the last column.

Interesting is the game with these upbeat categories: athletes, footballers, bird, garment, food, band, musicians, musical instruments, movie titles, car brands. Or you can choose these funny terms: cool quotes, superheroes, swear words, typical prohibitions, common punishments, dream dreams.

Now a player says A and continues to speak the alphabet until a child says "stop". The player calls the letter. Everybody tries to find the corresponding terms with this first letter as fast as possible. If one has found all terms, this round ends.

Now the rating takes place. If someone is the only one who has found a solution in a category, he gets 20 points for it. If there are several but different solutions in a category, the players receive 10 points. If a solution is called double, there are still 5 points for it. Add up the points and write down in the last column. The player with the highest score wins.

Play with paper and pen: News Salad


You need a word from a newspaper headline. Cut each letter one by one. From these letters the players form new words. For children it is easier if they are allowed to move the letters.

The word from the newspaper is children. From these letters, further words form: Indian, child, the, knee, never, your, think. Those who write down the most words on their paper have won.

Playing with paper and pen: In a roundabout way


  • 1 unlined sheet of paper
  • colored pencils

A player writes the numbers from 1 to at least 25 on the piece of paper. Distribute the numbers criss-cross. Each player gets a pen in a different color.

The task is to connect the numbers together in the correct order, crossing as few lines as possible. A player starts and draws a line from one to two. The next player connects two to three. That's how it goes on and on. If a player is forced to cross a line, he must circle the interface with his colored pencil. Who has the fewest interfaces wins the game.

Play with paper and pen: Sprouts

This game invented in 1967 mathematics students from Princeton University. A game with two starting points shows our Bild.Für bright brains: Sprouts


Paint two dots on the sheet of paper. If you understand the gameplay principle, choose several points. This is more exciting, because the game with two points ends quickly. The following rules apply: The players connect two points alternately. You can not cross a line. At each point only three lines may dock. A point is placed on a new line. If a line starts and ends as a circle at one point, count this as two docking points.

Play with paper and pen: paint stick figures


Each player receives a sheet of paper and a pencil. The children roll in turns. If you roll a 1 or an optional 6, you may paint a part of a stick figure. Each stick figure consists of head, belly, two arms and two legs. Which male is finished first?

Games with paper and pen: Cheese box


Circle approximately 8 x 8 boxes on the checkered paper. That's the playing field. It does not necessarily have to be square but can take other forms. The size of the playing field determines the duration of the game.

Each player draws in turn one side of a box with a pencil. The goal is to pull the last page of a box wherever possible. Whoever manages to mark the box with his sign, for example a cross. If all box margins are traced, the one with the most box marks wins.

Playing with paper and pen: Number bingo


  • writing paper
  • pencils
  • 2 dice
  • possibly game chips

In this game, players roll two dice. The number of points is calculated from the sum of the two cubes. This number is struck out on the bingo sheet or marked with a game chip. If you were the first to strike four numbers vertically, horizontally or diagonally, call Bingo and win.

Each player creates his own bingo sheet and writes four rows of four numbers directly among each other. It is important to consider which numbers are particularly common in two dice: a one is impossible, a two or twelve rarely. Now the players roll the dice alternately and after every roll throw out the sum of the two dice on their bingo sheet. If a number is missing or is already marked, the player goes blank.

Tip: If you want to use the Bingo template more often, put it in a transparent cover and write with a water-soluble foil pen.

Play with paper and pen: Nonsenssatz


Each player puts a sheet of paper across and divides it into six columns. In each of the columns, they write a word of this sentence: "Uncle Fritz is sitting in the bathtub".

Now each player in the first column writes a title or degree of relationship among uncle. The note is bent so that nobody can read the word of the column. Now pass on the notes and fill in the next word. It creates funny nonsense sentences.

Playing with paper and pencil: painting the face


  • mirror
  • water-soluble film pen

For this unusual idea you do not need paper but a mirror. Her child looks in the mirror and tries to paint the face on the mirror. Explain to your child that it is only allowed to paint on the mirror with a washable pen.

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