Personal talk: Beware of feelings!

Some people carry their hearts on the tongue, others turn their feelings outward and burst into tears. In doing so, they deliberately or unconsciously put pressure on a conversation partner.

In such a situation, it is especially important for you as a superior to keep the reins in your hand when conducting a conversation. Your reaction must be professional.

You have a staff discussion in front of you, in which you have to criticize the services of the other party. Keep a clear head in case your employee gets emotionally out of joint.

Personal talk: Tip 1 in emotional chaos

Take the feelings seriously!

Do not be persuaded to say something like "It's not that bad" or "Do not dress like that". With such a statement, you yourself appear cold and ruthless. Grant your interlocutor his right to feelings. Give him time to calm down again. Then continue the discussion with the subject matter.

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Personal talk: Tip 2 in emotional chaos

Do not give a chance to be sentimental!

Of course, you do not need to fall into the role of a comforter when the tears break. It is sufficient if you are sure that you have not touched the person overly hard. Then you can continue the discussion after a reasonable break to calm the situation with objective criticism.

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