If the perfect time is and what you should look out for

In the 1950s, children in many families had no children's rooms for their own reasons.

However, the cohabitation of several siblings does not always happen without conflicts. When are separate children's rooms really important for the development of children?

The common children's room

For children, the common children's room is reasonable. The decision for a common room is always taken on the ground, many parents do not have the possibility to create a room for each child. It is quite normal that conflicts and strife occur. The children should learn to respect each other. In fact, it is even beneficial for the social development of the children to learn to share a room with the siblings.

If the children can not live together and are constantly arguing, the causes should be determined. Is there jealousy or envy among the siblings? Do both parents get equal attention from parents? Only if it really is not different, sibling couples should be spatially separated, who do not understand each other.

At this age, separate children's rooms are meaningful

At what age separate children's rooms are meaningful, depends on the development and the gender of the children.

For the most part, children are already beginning to develop a need for privacy and a gender-specific shame feeling before puberty.

Conclusion separate children's rooms: decide individually

For the development of the children are separated children's rooms in the first Lebensjahren so not necessarily better. Children can learn social behavior by sharing a children's room. When the right time for separate children's rooms has come, individually varies. As soon as you observe that a child develops the need for privacy, a spatial separation should be created.

a private room. An apartment with several children's rooms is always also a financial question, the spatial separation of the siblings is not always possible.

Separate the room into a sleeping area and a play area. There are also alternatives to the separated children's room, which give each child more privacy. For example, a high bed is placed in a corner of the room and separated from the rest of the room by a room divider or shelves.

A high bed is not only the best solution for space reasons. The children sleep on top of each other and automatically create more privacy for each child. Use curtains or a canopy. So the children feel less observed. In addition, the older child can still read or play, for example, when the younger child is already sleeping behind the curtain.

Also create evasions for both children in the apartment in case friends come to visit. Every child should have the opportunity to play with their friends undisturbed. This can be a small corner in the parents' bedroom as well as the dining room table that can be played ] PS: Quality management is important to us!

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Google Maps: Four helpful tips and tricks for professionals

Google Maps offers you the complete road network of the world and a free navigation solution. Under the hood, the app has much more to offer. With small tricks you can make the work with the digital controller even more efficient. I'll show you how to get everything from Google's career service.

Often these are the little tricks with which you make the most of an app. This also applies to Google Maps.

Tip 1: Place the route plots on the home screen of your androids

Set your Google Maps on your Android mobile device and enter the destination of your route planning as usual.

  • Determine whether the destination is by car, train or foot
  • After the route has been calculated, tap the symbol with the three superimposed points at the top of the screen.
  • Decide in the drop-down menu for "Add route to start screen".
  • Tip 2: How to share your current location with friends with

    1. Tap this button to start the route planning process (19459011)
    2. Then, on the screen for "Share Location", select [on the screen]
    3. how long you want to share your location with someone.
    4. Then choose which service, such as WhatsApp, email Google+, you want to share your location with.
    5. Then choose
    Tip 3: Inform yourself about the traffic situation in your environment

    Google Maps can also provide you with traffic announcements. You can see the traffic jams and locks at a glance on the map network. In addition, roads are colored in green, orange and red according to the traffic light. To view traffic, in Google Maps, tap the Menu icon (three horizontal bars above it).

    1. For the travel planning it is interesting to find important hotels, sights and restaurants on the The destination quickly. To save them during the travel preparation, select them using the Google Maps search function, for example.
    2. Then tap "Save" and then select "Select Location"
    3. call up later by typing on the menu (three horizontally superimposed bars) on the Google Maps start screen. Select "My Places" from the pop-up menu. (19459011)

    4. [Proofreading:rh2010/AdobeStock

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    Lenovo Moto E3 (2016): a bigger smartphone always at a small price



                                                         Lenovo Moto E3 (2016): a bigger smartphone always at a small price


    After the new Moto Z and Moto G, Lenovo updates its entry-level offer. The Chinese brand has formalized the third generation of its Moto E, a smartphone whose price is around 130 euros (99 pounds) and which carries a larger screen of 5 inches (against 4,5 before), with a HD 720p definition this year.

    The brand has however been relatively stingy in details, since we only know that the device, with the look close to the Moto G4, has a 4-core processor, 1GB of RAM, 2800mAh, a 8MP photo sensor at the back and 5 at the front, 8GB storage expandable via a microSD card and it would be water resistant but not waterproof. The device is also powered by Android Marshmallow 6.0.

    Lenovo adds that the Moto E3 has a special screen protection but refrains from explaining the difference between it and the Glass Glass. The device will be released in September in the UK. No date for France at the moment.




    Schuppenflechte bei Kinder Blood pressure alarm signal – ibuzzworld.com

    Healthy and happy they are to grow up – our children. Recent figures result, but succeeds with less and less children. Especially the typical national diseases such as hypertension and diabetes are also affecting more and more children and adolescents. The Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugendärzte is now pointing out that children with psoriasis are in need of particularly close monitoring.

    Health is generally complex

    At the regular Preventive examinations, which accompany children and adolescents from birth to adulthood, also include studies on possible metabolic disorders. The blood pressure is also checked regularly. It is interesting that children with certain health problems, such as psoriasis, often have other diseases. Because many of them remain unnoticed and cause damage, children and adolescents, as well as parents, should pay attention to possible signs.

    Psoriasis frequently signs of more

    The psoriasis is an external one easily visible, itchy skin disease. Many children feel the disease is very stressful and often develop anxiety disorders or depressive moods. But not only on the mental but also the physical level, there are often "accompanying diseases": The probability of developing diabetes, hypertension or rheumatism is significantly increased in children with psoriasis

    Therefore, the Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugendärzte at least two blood tests of the blood fat values ​​between the ages of 9 and 11 and between 17 and 21 years. In addition, overweight children with psoriasis should be subjected to a sugar test every two to three years.

    Parents and pediatricians are equally required to monitor children with psoriasis in particular with regard to metabolic disorders.

    PS: Quality management is important to us

    PS: Quality management is important to us

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    How to set up my public profile on Apple Music?


    Apple Music is re-released as a social network.

                                                        César Salza / CNET

    Apple Music also got an update with iOS 11. The application is re-launched as a social network, and we are not talking about Connect, the area where you can connect with the lives of your favorite artists, but a renovated section in which you can add friends.

    Once you have upgraded to iOS 11 the first time you open Apple Music, the application will ask you to give you permission to add a new configuration, with which you will let your playlists, artists you follow, friends, and even what you're listening to.

    This new section will ask you to add a photo to your profile if you did not already have it and to define a username if you had never configured it. Then Apple Music will ask you for something more: to decide if your information can be shared with the whole world or just people who approve as you add. Apple-music-red-social-2 "height =" 0 "width =" 970 "/>

    Apple Music will ask you if you want to make your public profile and share your music with your friends
                                                        Screenshot / CNET

    This new social profile of Apple Music will let you in any way choose the playlists you share and what your friends see. The app will immediately indicate some contacts in your calendar that already use the application, so you can invite them to connect, but you can also do it through Facebook and Instagram, giving you the necessary permissions in each case. Apple-music-apple-watch "

    Apple Music now has a better connection to the Apple Watch.

                                                        César Salza / CNET

    Apple Music now download music on the Apple Watch

    Something that has also improved in Apple Music is the ability to synchronize your music with the . Now the app natively – if you have a smart watch from the company – will tell you that you can download music to listen to it offline on the smart watch.




    The first time allows you to make the selection from the app itself, but also tells you that henceforth the best way to add new albums to Apple Watch will be from your own app on the iPhone. There in the section "Music" you can add more songs and artists, listen to them offline or when you do not carry the phone with you.




    Thus, the logo remains visible: Adapted image placeholders for title films

    Large images are a look at even on title films. But if the pictures are film-filling, suddenly the company logo is no longer visible. Find out which pro fi les you use to adjust the image placeholders so that background graphics are still visible, titles are not inadvertently overlaid, and inserted images are automatically formed.


      This is how it goes: When the logo has disappeared

      • The logo remains visible:
      • At the same time, the logo of the company is also to be placed under the company logo and, of course, the title of the presentation
      • When inserting a picture, but the picture placeholder first becomes the foreground, thus the logo is hidden and the placeholder for entering the title is no longer clickable

        The blank title layout: The image placeholder is behind the placeholders for titles and subtitles, but in front of the logo in the slide background [Ifyouinsertapicturethepictureplaceholderislocatedinthepicturespace(19459014)Thesolutionwillbringanewimagetotheforegroundandthusobscurethelogo

     This makes the logo visible: Adapted image placeholders for title films " (19459004) </div>
<h2> In 4 steps to the solution: So the logo becomes visible </h2>
<p> In order for the logos or logos to be inserted into the layout, also other background graphics are visible, adjust the image Place. Cut a "hole" in the place where the logo or graphic is to be seen. Proceed as follows: </p>
<li> Select <strong> View -> Foilmaster </strong> and in the master view the layout on which you want to fit the image placeholder, for example the layout </li>
<li> </li>
<li> Now, you should draw a shape of the same size over the logo or over the graphic in the background </li>
<li> Now click on the image placeholder and (19459019) </strong> </strong> [Formsubtraktion</strong>) </strong> If you want to change the shape of the shape, </ol>
<p> After these steps, logos or other grays are visible in the background thanks to the hole in the image placeholder </p>
<div class=

    Your key to the PowerPoint success!

     The logo remains visible: Customized image placeholders for title films "src =" https://www.experto.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/schluessel-99.png "width =" 200 "align =" left "style =" margin-right: 35px; "/> <strong> With the PowerPoint key you can impress EVERYTHING – guaranteed! </strong> The best thing: YOUR workload is 2 minutes and 38 seconds – thanks to the finished template including instructions! for the first 99 fast answerers! Click here and test for free! +++ </p>
<h2> The technique is expandable: Thus layouts with picture placeholders are created in unusual forms </h2>
<p> The following picture shows how the film shown above was created: Thanks to the star-shaped image placeholder, each photo is automatically cut into the shape of a star when inserted. </p>
<div id=  This is how the logo remains visible: Adapted image placeholders for title films "width =" 1200 "height =" 932. For more information, see the figure below "(19459014) Dreams are drawn over the image placeholder (gray dotted line), which are subtracted from it. </p>
<div id=  This is how the logo remains visible: Adapted image placeholders for title films "

<div id= Form – cut image placeholders make visible color areas and grapts visible in the background and leave space for titles

    Picture credits: undrey / stock. adobe.com

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