Netflix would prepare a French reality show to denounce the excesses of social networks

The SVOD service is preparing its very first French reality TV show. It will be an adaptation of the English program "The Circle".

Netflix would prepare a French reality show to denounce the excesses of social networks

Netflix is ​​preparing its very first French reality TV show. According to the website, it is an adaptation of the English program "The Circle". For those who do not know, the goal is to be the most popular, there is of course a small peculiarity. Participants live in the same building, but they each have their own apartment, and can only communicate using a social network. Since there is no visual contact, they have the opportunity to invent a life and even a character.

At each episode, the two most popular candidates have the opportunity to eliminate the person of their choice. Beyond the race, the winner of the show was a man who pretended to be his girlfriend, as appearances are sometimes deceptive … He won the sum of 50 000 books.

Stephen Lambert, the producer of the show said that the hidden message is a criticism of social networks and numerous drifts: "to make a show that reflects the good and bad sides of social networks seemed to me to be an exciting idea".

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Homeopathy for cats: How to use Lachesis

Lachesis is one of the homeopathic polychrests. These agents show in animal homeopathy a large spectrum of activity. Lachesis cats are characterized by strong jealousy in behavior as well as by excessive food adultery. But it is also very helpful for cats in many diseases.

Lachesis is a remedy for cats that react with great jealousy to a cat's mate or a human. This jealousy shows strong incompatibility with other cats. Often, the cat lunges for no apparent reason on the second cat or she reacts with excessive fodder offense. Sometimes she even goes so far as to deliberately eliminate another cat.

Lachesis cats react quickly over-stimulated or show a strong overexcitability as well as strong mistrust. She may also be very quarrelsome with other cats, but she is also very good-natured to her human.

Depression, however, also belongs to this drug picture, which can also occur in cats, if they can not make their lives as they would like it. Anxious and hysterical you could also describe this cat type. Anxiety can cause nervous disorders in the cat.

Everything around the neck is perceived as unpleasant, so Lachesis cats do not like tight collars and it can show straight in the neck area complaints of touch. Often complaints also occur in the cat after sleep, which were not there before.

It also seems very important that after a castration aggressiveness of the cat can occur, then Lachesis is a helpful means to get them out of this again.

Lachesis cats often suffer from musculoskeletal disorders as well as inflammatory conditions such as ear infections, angina or gingivitis. This remedy should therefore be used when the cat fits the behavior in the middle picture.

Disease symptoms often occur first on the left side and the cat can not be touched at the affected areas because the skin is very sensitive to pain. Sensitivity to light and noise can additionally occur to the disease symptoms. Diarrhea with added blood or spasms of the intestine, ovarian cysts in the cat or prostate infections in hangovers also indicate Lachesis.

Inflammations in the neck area also usually lack of appetite occurs and is also a leading symptom to this remedy. The remedy may be administered in the D30 1 to 3 globules once daily for 1 to 2 weeks, until recovery.

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Greek farmer's salad – that's how the original recipe succeeds

Peasant salad "Choriatiki" – as the locals call it – is a classic appetizer of Greek cuisine. Cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, sheep's cheese, onions and oregano form the basis and are refined as desired with other ingredients such as bread cubes or pickled peppers. Our nutrition expert Vadim Vl. Popov presents the original recipe for Greek peasant salad in the following article.

Recipe for Greek peasant salad "Choriatiki"

For 4-5 servings you need the following ingredients:

  • 4 colorful peppers
  • 4 colorful ripe tomatoes
  • 2 small cucumbers
  • 1 big red onion
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 250 grams of sheep's cheese
  • 2 tablespoons of red wine vinegar
  • coarse sea salt
  • black pepper
  • 8 tablespoons of good greek olive oil
  • some kalamata olives at will
  • fresh or dried oregano leaves

How to do it:

  1. Halve peppers, remove stalk and kernels, cut into half rings. Halve the tomatoes, remove the stalk and cut the flesh into slices. Chop the cucumbers roughly.
  2. Halve the onion and cut into very thin strips. Cut the clove of garlic into thin slices and sheep's cheese into cubes.
  3. Stir red wine vinegar with sea salt and pepper, add olive oil. Turn on the prepared vegetables, feta cheese and the kalamata olives with the dressing. Let it rest for 5 minutes. Sprinkle oregano leaves over the salad and enjoy.

Enjoy your meal! Kali orexi!


Serve the Greek farmer's salad with roasted pita bread.

Article on "Delicious Greek food":

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Use these ideas for your New Year's Eve party for the whole family

The last month of the year is probably the most eventful one. After Christmas, the Christmas holidays follow and then New Year's Eve is just around the corner. Reason enough to leave a great year behind and celebrate with all your loved ones in a happy new year. Here are some ideas for your New Year's Eve party.

A New Year's Eve party only for the whole family?

You can stay awake for a long time, there is plenty to eat, everyone is together and it is celebrated extensively. Not to forget, of course, is the big fireworks as a finale, in which even children can bang hard with. So that the transition from the old to the new year for all without a lot of effort becomes a big event, there are a few simple tips and tricks.

A New Year's Eve party is twice as much fun when you're not just celebrating with your family, but also having friends with you. So why not invite acquaintances who also have children when everyone understands each other? Then the little ones can spend the time until midnight playing games while the adults are sitting comfortably together. Besides, it is possible to share work of preparations. If one person takes care of the drinks, the other one has a worry less.

No New Year's Eve party without buffet

Especially for a New Year's Eve party, a rich buffet with salads, cold meat platter, sandwiches and sweet dishes or fruit skewers is perfect. In addition, it is a nice alternative to the conventional raclette or fondue. Another advantage is that everyone can serve themselves at the buffet and no one has to worry that small children's hands can burn on hot plates or on oil.

While the adults spend most of their time anyway at the dining table and talk to each other, offers a colorful children's table for the children. All you need to do is place a paper tablecloth on the coffee table, place colorful plastic or cardboard utensils on it, and distribute children's chairs or stools around it. After all, children do not want to sit all evening. The paper tablecloth also invites you to scribble and paint with pens while eating and drinking.

Party games for New Year's Eve

Bleigießen is always popular on a New Year's Eve party and especially fascinates the young guests. But Mondays painter is fun, especially if the adults have to guess what the youngest painted. The same applies to the popular game taboo, in which concepts of one for the other explained, this term may not be pronounced.

Alternatives to fireworks for your New Year's Eve party

Especially toddlers find the colorful rockets in the sky to start the New Year, although beautiful, but just as much the resulting noise and smoke. While the grown-ups on the street slam to their heart's content and set fire to the locals, one can stay away from the little ones and marvel at the colorful and, above all, loud goings-on from the window, balcony or garden.

For children on a New Year's Eve party usually sparklers, bang devils or colorful glow sticks to be able to properly participate in the celebration.

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Saturn's rings are disappearing

Photo: NASA / JPL-Caltech / Space Science Institute

Thanks to its extensive ring system, Saturn is among the most beautiful planets in the solar system. Unfortunately, its beauty could be fleeting. According to new research, the rings are dissolving faster than astronomers expected, and could disappear entirely within 100 to 300 million years, a cosmological blink of an eye.

Saturn's rings are mainly composed of water ice, but new research published in the magazine Icarus It shows that they are being damaged by the gravity of the planet and its magnetic field, which has triggered a phenomenon known as "rain of rings". The scientists documented the ring rain in 2013, but new research, led by James O'Donoghue of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., Shows that the effect is happening much faster than expected and, Consequently, the rings are disappearing faster than expected.

Scientists are not entirely sure if Saturn was born with its beautiful halo or acquired its ring system later. If it comes first, the rings were formed about 4400 million years ago, but if it is the last, they only formed about 100 million years ago, probably as a result of the collision of moons in orbit around the planet, according to published research in 2016. If the scenario of the recent formation is correct, that means that Saturn did not have rings when the giant sauropod dinosaurs roamed the Earth during the Jurassic. But the dinosaurs did not have telescopes, so it did not really matter. Humans, on the other hand, do have telescopes to see the glorious rings of Saturn, so I guess we're lucky for that.

GIF: NASA / Cassini / James O'Donoghue

"We are lucky to be around to see Saturn's ring system, which seems to be in the middle of its life," O'Donoghue said in a statement. "However, if the rings are temporary, perhaps we did not see the giant ring systems of Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune, which today have only thin curls."

When the Voyager probes visited Saturn several decades ago, they detected the electrically charged upper atmosphere, or ionosphere, of the gas giant, along with the density variations of its rings, and three dark and narrow bands that surrounded the latitudes of the north of the planet. In 1986, NASA scientists linked these narrow and dark bands to the shape of Saturn's magnetic field. These seemingly unrelated observations led to the theory that electrically charged particles from Saturn's rings flowed along magnetic field lines, a process that caused water to pour out of the rings in the ionosphere, creating bands narrows that are seen in the Voyager images.

From Earth, Saturn's rings appear peaceful, but there are chunks of water ice, ranging in size from microscopic dust grains to giant rocks, caught in this giant tug-of-war game. The rings are in a delicate balancing act between the gravitational attraction of Saturn and the orbital pulls that draw them into space. This balance is interrupted when the ice particles are electrically charged by the sun's ultraviolet light, which causes the particles to plummet towards the planet along their magnetic field lines. Gravity provides an additional boost.

This process, in which water interacts with the planet's ionosphere, can be detected from Earth. For the new study, O'Donoghue used the Keck Telescope in Mauna Kea, Hawaii, and detected and measured these chemical interactions of the liquid in the ionosphere. His team compared light in the north and south latitudes of the planet to determine the amount of rain that falls from the rings, among other observations.

Surprisingly, researchers estimate that 10,000 kilograms of water are spilled from Saturn's rings every second. At that rate of loss, the rings should disappear in about 292 million years. O'Donoghue says that this amount of rain could fill an Olympic pool in just half an hour.

Other tests compiled by the Cassini probe suggest an even earlier expiration date. The Cassini spacecraft measured the material of the ring that falls at Saturn's equator at a rate that suggests that "the rings have less than 100 million years of life expectancy," O'Donoghue said in the statement, adding: " this is relatively short compared to Saturn's age of more than 4 billion years. "

I have to say that this study has discouraged me. It is sad to think of Saturn without its rings, even if it is within millions of years. Our Solar System will be considerably less spectacular than it is today when this happens. But who knows, maybe another planet will win its own ring system before that happens.


Elon Musk Unveils First Boring Company Tunnel Under SpaceX HQ

Elon Musk Unveils First Boring Company Tunnel Under SpaceX HQ

Elon Musk has officially inaugurated the highly anticipated first test tunnel of its company The Boring Company under the headquarters of SpaceX in Hawthorne, southern California (USA). 2.3 kilometers long and 4.3 meters wide, its cost is estimated at $ 10 million. The Boring Company assures that this is only a fraction of the cost of traditional tunnel drilling.

Originally, the tunnel was designed to carry vehicles on an electric sled that can reach 241 km / h. But the idea seems to have been abandoned for the moment in favor of a system of retractable guide wheels. Shortly before the event, Elon Musk tweeted an image of a Tesla Model X inside the tunnel, later stating that any autonomous electric vehicle, not just a Tesla, could use the device that could be installed as an aftermarket .

The Boring Company has also shown that it can move cars from the test tunnel directly to a garage or parking lot with a lift. Several VIPs were able to make a trip in the tunnel and a journalist complained of motion sickness. According to Associated Press, Elon Musk attributed bumpy journeys to a lack of time and ensured that the system will be "smooth as glass" once fully operational.

Bricks made with excavated debris

The inauguration took place next to a medieval watchtower built from the debris excavated by the TBM. The disposal of this debris represents approximately 15% of the total cost of a drilling. " Instead of paying for the land to be trucked away from the site, we turn it into bricks Elon Musk explained. " Bricks are built on site and sold to whoever wants. "

At only $ 0.10 a brick, The Boring Company suggests that it would pay for the cost of clearing and is only a fraction of what a brick would cost at Home Depot. Elon Musk also confirmed that the company would try to provide bricks free of charge for social housing.

The Boring Company won a contract to build a tunnel to serve Chicago's O'Hare International Airport from downtown. In this configuration, a modified Tesla X chassis will be used to carry up to 16 passengers inside a small shuttle running on the same electric pads.

The Boring Company also has projects in Los Angeles, including a line between the West End and Dodger Stadium, and a 56-kilometer line of twinned tunnels between Washington DC and Maryland that would route passengers between the two stops in approximately 15 minutes. .

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Key symptoms of Silicea terra

Silicea terra is often prescribed in children, if they are very small and pale and have a developmental backlog. The teeth are late, running and speaking can be done relatively late. Children who need Silicea terra sweat a lot, especially at night. But even during the day they can sweat heavily on the feet and neck.

Key symptoms of Silicea terra: Shyness, perfectionism, fear of sharp objects

Silicea terra belongs to the homeopathic remedies, which show a very strong shyness in their middle picture. Most often, Silicea people hold back sharply and blush quickly when others pay attention to them.

In children, the shyness can go so far that they do not like to be addressed or viewed. Speech problems such as stuttering also belong to the middle picture of Silicea terra.

The shyness The Silica type says nothing about his intellectual and intellectual abilities. On the contrary, it is often brilliant thinkers and people who are intellectually gifted who need Silicea terra as a means of constitution. Your Shy of contacts and her fear of being in the limelight is more in her high standards of self founded.

They tend to perfectionist to be and be ashamed even for the smallest mistake. Although they always go very well prepared in an exam, they feel insecure and suffer from strong Stage Fright, In addition to the excessive timidity and perfectionism is the Fear of spikes objects (especially before spraying) to the leading symptoms of Silicea terra.

Key symptoms of Silicea in children – developmental delay

Slow motor or speech development may also point to other homeopathic remedies such as Barium carbonicum or Calcium carbonicum. But if this slow development occurs together with a strong physical weakness and the child is petite and pale, this is an indication of the homeopathic remedy Silicea terra. Together with strong welding and a milk intolerance, they are the decisive indicator of Silicea terra.

Key symptoms of Silicea – chilliness, better through heat

Another key symptom is the great sensitivity to cold of Silicea people. Not only are their hands and feet mostly cold, they are also very sensitive to cold and draft. If they were exposed to the cold for too long, they react with a heavy cold or a flu infection. All discomfort and mood can be improved by wrapping the head.

The guiding symptoms for Silicea terra are:

  • late teeth
  • late running
  • late speaking
  • late closing of the fontanelles
  • heavy sweating on the head and on the feet
  • Milk intolerance (also mother's milk is often not tolerated)
  • perfectionism
  • shyness
  • Fear of sharp objects
  • fast freezing
  • better by wrapping the head


Every homeopathic remedy has specific guiding symptoms that indicate only one particular remedy. Characteristic of Silicea terra in the mental area are the high standards, the shyness and the fear of sharp objects. On the physical level, the cold of the extremities, the milk intolerance and the strong sweating are the guiding symptoms.

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This is how successful communication works today

Communication is everything. This applies to both private life and business. But in no other area are so quickly misunderstandings as in the interpersonal communication. For this reason, it is essential that you acquire some skills to improve your communication skills.

What is the benefit of NLP training?

The NLP training in Nuremberg provides participants with a whole collection of different techniques for successful communication. These methods should positively influence emotional processes in the human brain. This approach consists on the one hand of knowledge of cognitive science and on the other of elements of Gestalt therapy and hypnotherapy. In this theory, processes with the brain are changed so far with the help of human language that it leads to a changed action. In principle, any NLP can learn, provided that he completes an appropriate training.

Levels of communication

In addition to NLP training, there are of course many other simple methods to communicate better in everyday life. However, you should be aware that there are different levels of communication. Put simply, this means that we perceive much more than just the literal content of a statement. The facial expressions, gestures and even the pitch give us information about what our counterpart really means when he says something to us. If you become aware of this, during personal communication you can focus on not distracting your behavior from the actual message. Otherwise, it can quickly lead to misunderstandings – both in everyday life and at work.

Constructive formulation is half the battle

Especially if you want to make a new proposal or put forward appropriate criticism, you should always do so in a constructive manner. For example, describe facts and omit unnecessary embellishments or personal valuations. Also formulate I-messages. As a result, even negative criticism less personal and will be accepted by the other party in the episode. If you also want to express feelings, you should justify them objectively and not just put in the room. In addition, try to respond to the expectations or wishes of your partner by making counterproposals. If you show that you are ready to compromise, you can be lenient to your counterpart.

Listen actively

It is considered rude to interrupt the speaker. Show your respect instead by not just listening silently. Instead, nod frequently to signal that you are not just showering but actively listening. In addition, you should occasionally look for the eye to your counterpart – also shows that you take him seriously and take the words. When it's your turn to speak, you may as well take over some of the other's points – further proof of your attention. If you follow these little tips, then the goodwill of the person you are talking to is secure and communication will be much easier.

Give feedback

Your counterpart can only know what he is doing right or wrong when you tell him. Agree, therefore, within the family, but above all in the office, a clear rule: There must be fixed dates on which the communicators provide each other with valuable feedback. When this appointment is due, remember the rules mentioned above and stick to them. Then a smooth communication is no longer in the way. Always see criticism as a gain for yourself.

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Problems despite giftedness – what to do?

"If your child is gifted, why does not it show it?" You may have heard this from your child's teacher after you opened the psychological testing session. What an explanation for performance fluctuations is for you is a well-used excuse for behavioral problems for the teacher. What helps if giftedness is not translated into high performance?

Giftedness and deficiencies side by side

Some highly talented children make it difficult for parents and teachers to find the right school career and the right support. These are children with an unbalanced development, such as For example, Kevin.

The parents and the teacher seem to have two faces: On the one hand, he is smart, quickly complicates the most complicated mathematical relationships, quickly has the right solution at hand and attains a high value in the intelligence test.

On the other hand, he dawdles, is a fine motorist clumsy, does not take instructions and does not kill them. He can not postpone his own needs and delve into calculating for a long time, so that he can finally memorize the disposable ones. So it is difficult for him to bring his achievements on paper.

Understand and understand

The most important help for your child is to accept this coexistence of light and shadow. Looking at how good school achievement comes about, intelligence is an essential but not the only factor. Support factors such as ability to concentrate or fine motor skills must also be pronounced, so that the overall performance is right. The educators speak of a partial performance disorder if one or several key cognitive competences are lagging behind.

Strengthen the self-confidence

On the one hand, mental overwork and on-going problems in classroom mornings on the other hand confuse not only the teacher and the parents, but most of all Kevin himself. He has a hard time defining his identity, clarifying for himself what he really can and can not do.

This confusion and the real frustration threaten to lead to massive school difficulties. Therefore, always emphasize what he already knows everything. A good opportunity to do so is a conversation on the bed before going to sleep: let us review the day together – what was beautiful, what less?

Add to his stories and emphasize how well he has taken many a cliff or put it in the prospect that tomorrow it will certainly work better in the mathematics lesson. So he can be sure of your love, despite some arguments during the day.

Provide differentiated support

For kids like Kevin, early school enrollment or skipping a class is not a panacea. Rather, a differentiated offer of help with the support of all involved must be worked out for them. It is necessary to have an individual development plan that further promotes strengths and continuously addresses weaknesses in small steps.

Include the school psychological service and ask for accompaniment during primary school. With the expert advice of this specialist you and the teachers can promote understanding and customization.

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