Largest Shareholders of Lloyds Bank

Now that the British government has sold its final stake in Lloyds Banking Group plc (LON: LLOY), its top shareholders are primarily mutual funds and institutions.

The British government had bailed out Lloyds during the financial crisis in 2008 and 2009 by buying a 43 percent stake for $20.3 billion British pounds. With the improving economy, the Treasury has been steadily reducing its holdings in Lloyds each month. When…

Russian ads on Facebook reached 10 million users


Congress examines how Russian interference through Facebook may have determined the election result.
                                                    Justin Tallis / AFP / Getty Images
                                                Nearly 10 million Facebook users saw Russian ads linked to their service during the 2016 election campaign in the United States, the social networking giant said on Monday.

About 44 percent of ads were seen before the election, while 56 percent were seen later, said Elliot Schrage, vice president of the company's policies and communications, through an entry on the company's blog . The figures are among the data shared by Facebook with Congress about ads concerns and how they may have influenced the 2016 presidential election.

"Most ads appear to focus on divisive social and political messages across the ideological spectrum, touching issues from LGBT issues to issues of race, immigration and the rights to arms, "Schrage wrote. "A series of them seem to encourage people to follow the pages on these topics."

The revelation comes almost a month after Facebook said it identified a 500 "inauthentic accounts" who bought ads for $ 100,000 which targeted highly politicized social issues such as immigration, arms and LGBT rights. Facebook has sent advertisements to government investigators in search of Russia's alleged meddling in the 2016 US presidential election.



The disclosure of Facebook marked a new turn in Russia's high profile research, which has raised issues regarding the election of President Donald Trump last year, the involvement of his children and the actions of his staff. What is at stake is how much the Russian government may have tried to influence the electorate, and whether Trump or someone who worked for him was knowingly involved. Trump has repeatedly denied participation.

Schrage revealed that some of the ads were paid in Russian currency but said that alone was not an effective way to identify suspicious behavior.


"The overwhelming majority of advertisers who pay in Russian currency, like the overwhelming majority of people accessing Facebook from Russia, are doing nothing wrong," Schrage wrote. "We used this as a sign to help identify these ads, but it was not the only sign."

By now all Silicon Valley is concerned about how their services may have influenced the election. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg first minimized the involvement of the social network, although he has now turned to the cause, even launching tools for the identification of false news.




Microsoft Edge: extensions in small numbers but quality



                                                     Microsoft Edge: extensions in small numbers, but quality


In the summer of 2016, users of Windows 10 discovered the birthday update to upgrade to version 1607. Among other innovations it introduced a novelty of size for Edge: the ability to install extensions. Microsoft makes the point.

On his blog the publisher lists the main extensions that have been set up partnership with developers. These include Adblock and Adblock plus ad blockers, One Note and Evernote note-taking tools, or the Lastpass password management extension, or to accompany users of the Office Online suite.

The feedback from users is good but they also hope that this list of extension will grow rapidly, some wishing to find what they use with Firefox or Chrome in Edge. Microsoft knows it but explains its choice to gradually expand its extensions to privilege quality and security.

 Edge extensions "vspace =" 5 "hspace =" 10 "align =" bottom " This article was previously published under Q199091 In order to improve the security of this site,

In this framework Microsoft carefully observes the feedback from testers members of the Windows Insider program and said to carefully examine each submission of new extension. The goal is to offer high-quality extensions that users can use with confidence.

To date the Windows Store offers a little more than 70 extensions to download free for the Edge browser. Microsoft does not intend to stop there and continues to gradually open up the possibilities offered by APIs to allow developers to create new extensions. The latest one, Grammarly, offers help to correct the writings of the Net surfers but only supports English.




Pregnancy: Causes, Symptoms, Reactions

Calvary cramps seem to belong to becoming a mother like the steadily growing belly. According to gynecologists, midwives, and other precautionary institutions, every tenth pregnant woman complains at least once about the painful muscle tension in the lower part of the leg.

How it comes about and whether you are really so powerless The most frequent cause of the suddenly beginning, extremely painful hardening of the muscle part is an over- or underclaim by too much, too little or too one-sided.

How does a calf spasm develop? stress. For example, sporting activities, lack of exercise, or long sitting often result in excessively high calf cramps.

Other reasons are an acute loss of mineral oil due to excessive sweating or a general lack of mineral deficiency.

In the case of expectant mothers, all of the mentioned circumstances are brought together: due to the increase in weight and the shifting center of gravity, the weight of the mothers increases different muscle parts are more stressed than usual.

If this is only inadequately balanced, it causes bleeding disturbances and thus a further cause for calf cramps. In addition, a nerve trapped by the growing uterus can be used as a trigger for the mostly nightly disturbances.

Can the calf cramps be prevented during pregnancy?

A number of preventive measures can be deduced from these causes , Gentle movements such as walking and cycling or gentle sports such as yoga and swimming stimulate the blood circulation of the muscular parts, thereby helping to prevent local spasms.

During the subsequent resting phases you should take care that your feet and legs do not cool, because heat keeps the blood circulation upright. Also changing trays and / or massages can relax the calf area – especially when using circulation-promoting agents such as camomile baths and lavender or rosewood oil.

Targeted exercises against calf cramps during pregnancy

As the growing baby's belly increases with increasing freedom of movement, you should limit the workout to light gymnastic exercises. To them, as long as it is possible, the torso bends standing upright, with their knees pressed, and their feet firmly pressed to the ground. On the other hand slow, far-reaching steps.

In addition to sufficient liquid intake through low-carbon, possibly sugar-reduced drinks, a balanced mineral household results true Wonder. Magnesium plays a key role here.

Other tasty magnesium supplements are nuts and seeds – which is why even a snack like almond-containing marzipan guarantees a good supply of magnesium. If the deficiency is more pronounced, the use of food supplements is recommended, because the lack of mineral substances increases the susceptibility to calf cramps. However, you should always consult your physician prior to taking an appropriately compounded product.

Quick Help

In spite of all the calf cramps during pregnancy, help a few simple countermeasures to loosen the tense muscles and to stimulate the blood flow in the tissue: Along with walking with firm, emphatic steps, the so-called counter-flexion works best. For this purpose, the forefoot of the stiff leg is to be held with the hands and the toes of the tibia.

An alternative to an extensive body is to hold the foot of the affected leg firmly against the wall or to make stretching steps. Slightly softer, but less effective is the massaging of the calf spasm. It is done by flattening your hands from the heel to the knee-throats – so loosen the muscle area from the bottom to the top. As with prophylaxis, this process can be supported by essential oils.

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Opportunity Cost

What is an ‘Opportunity Cost’

Opportunity cost refers to a benefit that a person could have received, but gave up, to take another course of action. Stated differently, an opportunity cost represents an alternative given up when a decision is made. This cost is, therefore, most relevant for two mutually exclusive events. In investing, it is the difference in return between a…

Samsung would work on an intelligent enclosure and animated by Bixby



                                                     Samsung would work on an intelligent enclosure and animated by Bixby


Samsung's turn to plunge into the market of connected and intelligent speakers? According to the serious Wall Street journal, the Korean firm would work on a similar assistant to Google Home, Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod, it will soon remain only Microsoft, which could very well propose a product with Cortana.

Citing sources " aware of the situation ", the economic daily explains that it would bear the name of Vega. Not surprisingly, the brain of the object would be Bixby, the assistant bought last year by the firm via Viv Labs, and that is found in the Galaxy S8. It would be exactly one year that the Samsung teams would work on the project, but we do not really know when the product would come out.

It would not be absurd, however, for IFA to open its doors at the beginning of September, in particular because it is more oriented towards the devices in its living room (and its laundry) than the MWC. If the brand misses the Berlin marker, it could also fall back on the CES in January. Let's bet in any case that by then the vocal assistant will have made progress, for the moment it is not yet truly developed.




5 Nutrition tips for the late autumn and winter

In the cold season, you should pay particular attention to your diet. Because the winter time is a real challenge for your body. He needs some warmth and also vitamins – especially in the pre-Christmas period, when the menu is influenced by hearty food and sweets. Our nutrition expert Vadim Vl. Popov has five tips on how to make a good difference to the cold season.

Tip No. 1: Warm spices and spice mixes

Hot spices like chili, pepper, pepper or even Ginger warm from the inside. Chili stimulates the blood circulation especially in the gastrointestinal area. Sharply spiced foods flow through the nasal mucosa better, mucus remains more fluid and can be transported away better. The spicy spices all have an anti-bacterial effect, so they protect the stomach and bowel from diseases and thus our entire immune system.

Season your food often with oriental spice mixes like Ras el Hanout, Zatar or Baharat.

If you want to be able to handle a hearty meal at Christmas time, you should preferably enjoy a herbal aperitif before eating. Herbs and spices contain essential oils that help digestion and reduce stomach acid. Bitter substances relieve bile and liver and thus support fat utilization. Thymic, lemon balm, fennel, basil, coriander or caraway have a digestive effect. For more on this, see my article "Good digestion with the ayurvedic spices basil and coriander"

Tip No. 3: Vegetables and fruit enjoy the season

Now have different cabbages, pumpkins, field – as well as endiviensalat season. Native apples and quinces, as well as citrus fruits from the Mediterranean region, provide valuable vitamins and minerals.

Tip # 4: Zinc-Containing Foods Protect Against a Cold

To prevent a cold, you should regularly access the zinc-containing food. This trace element is, for example, contained in mussels, beef, wholemeal bread and cheese. Also earth and hazelnuts are great zinc suppliers. In addition, you should ensure that sufficient natural vitamin C is also absorbed. This is because zinc and vitamin C are a good combination for combating infections.

Tip No. 5: Warm drinks and hot soups

Delicious smoothies with seasonal fruits and warming spices like ginger or cinnamon in the late autumn for pure enjoyment. They are true vitamin bombs and very easy to prepare. Recipes can be found here. But also a warming spice milk, vegetable broth or a spiced tea should be between you.

Hot soups are tasty gastric sweaters in the true sense of the word.

Article on the topic "Counseling for food and drink"

For questions, I am your bio cook, experienced nutrition coaching and culinary travel

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9 important hygiene tips for children in dealing with pets

Whether dogs, rabbits or cats – children like animals for cuddling. However, the hygiene is quickly forgotten by enthusiasm. But even the cutest pets can transmit diseases.

Even cultivated pigeons such as rabbits, cats or guinea pigs can carry disease exciters in themselves. These frolick in the fur, the mouth area and above all in the intestine. Diseases transmitted from animals to humans are called zoonoses.

One of the most dangerous and well-known diseases is rabies. Other typical pathogens in small cuddly animals are salmonella or pelvic infections. Even a healthy animal can carry pathogens. These are particularly dangerous for small children, because their immune system develops only over the years.

Healthy Pets

Whoever procures an animal takes on a great responsibility. The first course with the new family member belongs absolutely to the veterinarian.

Cats and dogs are vaccinated against rabies in any case. It is also advisable to regularly dissect small animals. This reduces the risk of transmission with tapeworms.

Caution Reptiles

A new trend is the attitude of reptiles. Since these animals always crawl on the ground, they are inevitably coming into contact with their faeces. According to the Robert Koch Institute, approximately 90 per cent of the reptiles are carriers and excretors of salmonella

These do not harm the animal, but are particularly dangerous for babies and toddlers. A disease can lead to life-threatening fever, diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore, the German Society of Pediatric Infectiology (DGPI) recommends that parents of children under five should refrain from keeping reptiles.

Observe hygiene rules

Establish binding with animals To all family members. Tell your child that the cuddly rabbit and the cute cat are running on the floor, and put their nose in rubbish, dirt and other unsightly things. That is why a bit of restraint is appropriate.

  • It would be exaggerated if your child panics hands after touching an animal.
  • After the feeding and the skin care of the beast always wash hands immediately
  • Clean the feed bowl daily and the drinking water for the animal every day
    • It is better when adults do the cleaning of the cage or the cat toilet. Wear best disposable gloves. If you remove the feces of mice or rats, do not breathe the dust. This contains the dangerous hantaviruses, which can cause pulmonary diseases and kidney failure, among other things.
    • Unfortunately, wrong handling of animals is shown in children's films. But under no circumstances should your child be licked by a dog's face. Also kisses with cats, guinea pigs and co. are to be omitted for the good of health.
    • Animals always lose some fur.
    • The covers of cats and dogs regularly wash at 60 degrees.
    • Do not wash your pet in the bathtub or disinfect it after use.
    • Do not let reptiles creep around in the apartment and especially not in the kitchen

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Precious Metals Pullback Suggests It Is Time to Buy

Declining volatility levels over much of the past month have perplexed investors due to factors such as the heightened possibility of military conflict in regions such as North Korea. The trend toward complacency by so many retail investors seems ill timed, especially given this type of fundamental catalyst, but also because of the upcoming Q3 earnings season.

It seems like a flock to safety and an accompanying increase in…

Humans on Mars: Our plans to conquer the Red Planet [fotos]


Bringing humans to Mars has been a staple of science fiction – and the goal of many scientists for decades. Today, thanks to the technological advances, fascinating images sent from the Red Planet by rovers and orbiting and growing concerns about our future here on Earth, the interest in getting grounded on red ground is in its apogee.

NASA, SpaceX and Mars One are aiming to send people to our neighboring planet in the next 15 years, each in its own time and using different architectures.

Here we will take a look at three specific plans, beginning with a plan by Iron Man himself, the founder of SpaceX, Elon Musk.