Internet: Facebook and Microsoft have just finished laying the "most powerful" submarine cable in the world



                                                     Internet: Facebook and Microsoft have just finished laying the submarine cable "the = =" "= =" "
<p> The "web" has never been so well named. With more than 3.8 billion users worldwide and a 10% growth over 2016, it is necessary to develop the network of submarine cables that connects the continents with each other. Beneath the surface are nearly 400 cables that pass data across the planet. </p>
<h4> Transfer speed of 160 terabits per second </h4>
<p> Faced with the rise in the number of Internet users and the ever increasing data consumption, Facebook and Microsoft have just deployed a cable of 6,600 km long that connects Virginia Beach to the United States in Bilbao, Spain. It can transfer data at a speed of 160 terabits per second, which is the Microsoft equivalent of "<i> 71 million HD videos streamed at the same time </i> […] <i> and 16 million times our connection to the home </i>. "</p>
<p> Named Marea, it will further accentuate the number of data transiting through the Atlantic. In Western Europe, Internet penetration in January 2017 was 84%, reaching 88% of the population in North America. The cable will therefore rest at a depth of 5000 meters on the continental shelf. In so-called sensitive areas, it will be buried in order to guarantee its stability and not obstruct maritime traffic. </p>
<h4> Marea was produced in the space of 48 months, a record. It consists of eight pairs of fiber optic cables. Finally, Microsoft's latest detail also explains that its geographical positioning allows it to be an alternative to other transatlantic cables especially in the event of natural disaster and deterioration. It will enter service in 2018. </p>
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First love: How parents should behave

The daughter is suddenly completely different, toys are banished from the room, the telephone glows in the continuous operation. Perhaps it is also the son, who suddenly suddenly seems to be very cool and even finishes his room. Even if parents do not want it to be true, or is it there, the first love and now?

Let remain and show understanding

You noticed it? Suddenly the child would rather discuss everything with friends, where would you be the contact person? Stay calm, because with the first love also changes the behavior of your offspring. Even if it looks different in you, stay calm. Be glad that they were informed about the first love at all. Avoid constant inquiries that will only keep your child in bed and it will close even more.

The first love of the child is a good chance for parents to remember. How was it with you? If you can remember, you will be able to understand your child better in this situation. Did you hear about your parents, your advice? Did you enjoy being controlled or have you taken it to heart when father or mother were against this relationship?

Trust your child

Do not worry, your child will certainly not be right with the first Love jump into the bed. Keeping hands, a careful kiss, usually does not work. If you have enlightened your daughter or your son at an early stage, she or he will know exactly how far it can go and wants. Guys often behave shyly with the first love and are rather reserved. Girls are just as insecure and will hardly take the first step.

If the daughter's first love is much older than she is, it would be good to talk carefully about her. Do not fall with the door into the house, show your fingertip feeling. Perhaps it is more like this in the style: "So when I had a friend who was 5 years older than me …"

If there are problems

The school is neglected, parents get only bizarre answers and really nothing is more important than the first love? If this behavior is very negative, parents should set up rules. First, school things are done, then time is to make the first love. Talk openly about the child's behavior and try to find solutions together.

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Google celebrates the 75th birthday of Gloria E. Anzaldúa


Anzaldúa would have fulfilled today 75 years.
                                                The borders – physical and imaginary – and the experience of living in two different cultures at the same time are the themes of the doodle Tuesday in the USA, which celebrates the work of the Mexican-American writer Gloria E. Anzaldúa



Author and scholar, Anzaldúa was born in a Texas town near the Mexican border, but grew up in several border cities and her work included research on how marginal cultures develop. He died in 2004 and on Tuesday, September 26, he would have turned 75.

Anzaldúa's work was based on his experience growing both as American and Mexican, exploring the ways in which a person can be modeled by geography, geopolitics, language and myth. Google points out that Anzaldúa's work has influenced scholars in multiple disciplines, including Chicano studies, women's studies, LGBT studies and postcolonial studies.




Test JBL Playlist: our review


Wi-Fi wireless speakers are much more convenient than Bluetooth models, but they are still expensive. Play: 1 de Sonos is currently the most affordable option but it still costs 229 euros. There is a much more affordable alternative to Google's Chromecast Audio dongle at € 39, which allows you to stream music from your smartphone via any compatible audio application to powered speakers. This technology also begins to be integrated directly into audio devices.

This is where JBL Playlit comes into play ( 179 euros available in black blue, white ) which is to this day the enclosure Wi-Fi compatible Chromecast the cheapest we have tested. And in view of its performance, it could be for Google what Play: 1 is for Sonos.

Unlike the Chromecast dongle you have to plug in amplified speakers or a hi-fi system, the use of the JBL is much simpler. Just select the music in its favorite mobile app and start playback.

Aspect, the Playlist is quite close to the bar of its Boost TV, but it is a bit bigger (316mm by 147mm by 131mm) and looks more like a rugby ball. The finish is not the most elegant, with a thick plastic grid that covers the speakers. It is rather light (120 gr), but it is not transportable since it does not have a battery. The enclosure consists of 2 2.25-inch woofer and a passive radiator at the back.

The connection includes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and an auxiliary 3.5mm jack. The Chromecast system is configured very simply via the Google Home app. Again, the ease of implementation competes amply with Sonos. Chromecast is compatible with a dozen music services including Spotify, Google Play Music, Qobuz, Deezer, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Tidal. In addition, it is possible to stream all audio content from an Android smartphone or Google Chrome browser. Like the Chromecast Audio, the Playlist can play music in 24-bit / 96kHz.

Amazing performances

One would tend to think that one should not expect much from a speaker at 175 euros. And yet, we were surprised by the audio quality that does not have to blush in front of the Play: 1.

On Radiohead's "Ful Stop", the difference between the two speakers immediately made felt. The piece begins with a bass line that the Sonos has struggled to restore without distortion even at moderate volume. The JBL managed to manage this passage brilliantly by going up in volume without failing and offering an open sound that was lacking to its competitor. Listening, the Playlist gave us the impression of being much larger than its actual size. On the other hand, neither of the two speakers was really comfortable on Alt-J's House of the Rising Sun. On "Dare" of the Gorillaz, Play: 1 was on a more favorable terrain with precise bass while the Playlist showed an unpleasant stridency on the voices and lacked fishing. But she did catch up on the album "Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden" where her opening was wonderful.


If you are a fan of jazz, orchestral music and singer-songwriters, the Playlist is for you. On the other hand, it will be much less pleasant with pop music and dance. But at its price level, it's still one of the best and most affordable Chromecast speakers we've tested. For sale at 179 euros on


Review Samsung UBD-K8500 Review


The first Blu-ray player released in 2006 was a Samsung and it cost in the 1000 euros. Ten years later, Samsung released the first Ultra HD Blu-ray player: the UBD-K8500. At 500 euros, it costs half as much as its predecessor, but the future of this format is more uncertain. In 2006, Blu-ray played another format, HD DVD. Today, UHD Blu-ray has to face the platforms of video streaming such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and YouTube to name but a few.

Ultra HD Blu-ray offers a definition four times that of standard Blu-ray discs (UHD / 4K HD tone): 3820 x 2160 pixels against 1920 x 1080 pixels. But the main development is the HDR (High Dynamic Range) which can offer much better contrast and color than any other video source.

 ultra-hd-blu- </p>
<p> One thing we clearly saw after testing this drive with several Ultra HD Blu-ray Discs : it is essential to have an HDR-compatible television to get the maximum benefit from this technology, because when you use an Ultra HD TV that does not do the HDR, you do not perceive any difference in quality compared to a Blu </p>
<p> Unfortunately, not all UHD HDR televisions are equal, we tested two of the best models of the time (LG 65EF9500 and Samsung UN65JS9500, US references) but it should be other midrange HDR-compatible models will not perform as well. We have not yet been able to test the latest models that must arrive in the year, but our previous tests on HDR TVs like the Samsung JS8500 were inconclusive. </p>
<p> At the moment, Ultra HD Blu-ray still constitute a niche reserved for those who invested in a high-end HDR TV. Those may find an interest in investing in this Samsung UBD-K8500. Despite some defects that we have noted and the need to activate some settings manually, it will offer you the best video quality possible for a salon installation. For all others, there is no need to rush.  </p>
<h3> Design </h3>
<p> The K8500 offers a rather pleasant design for an optical drive with a brushed metal finish and curved lines that blend well with any home theater system and Samsung's curved televisions. The control keys are minimalist and we are surprised not to find a screen on such a high-end product. Surprise also in front of the rubber hatch a bit low end that hides the USB port in front. The remote control is rather functional and well arranged but we were disappointed by the lack of fast forward / reverse buttons. To do this, you must press and hold the next and previous buttons, which can lead to accidental chapter breaks. </p>
<p> <img src= Posted on Categories Tech

5 Parenting Errors That Parents Can Do Without It

"Childhood is Pillepalle": No one ever said that. On the subject of child rearing, there are loads of books and advice on the most different opinions. But one thing is clear: parenthood is not easy at all! Especially when it is so easy to influence the formation and development of the little ones with our way of life, without even realizing it.

Each of our actions can influence a child and act as a strong echo on his personality. Perfect parents do not exist, but there is much that parents can do wrong. Parents are all the more difficult when the children get older, and your life suddenly resembles an obstacle race. It is important to become a friend for your child and the rest will take their course.

To help you with the difficult, but worthwhile education process, we list here the five most common educational errors
Parents make it without notice:

1. The child pamper

There is a difference between satisfying needs and fulfilling every desire of the child, some parents are not aware of. If one accepts every bad behavior of the child and for him always allows exceptions to the rule, it can grow into a moody, selfish person. Such an education could later lead to problems with self – employment and contact with other people. Erziehungsfehler: Strictness

We have found that spoiled children have it difficult later in life. Parents must be strict, they should have authority. But how strictly do you have to be? Strictness refers to the restriction of the liberties and independent enterprise of the children.

Children also need freedom. Too many bans can act like a border between parent and child, and it can lead to problems later finding friends.

3. They are indifferent to your child

Perhaps you have the impression that your children are happy and fulfilled when you give them all the necessary material advantages and buy gifts to them. Parental affection, however, can not be measured with money and your absence could lead to a chronic emotions of emptiness.


Comparisons between siblings and preferential treatment have no advantages. They lead to jealousy between the children and to family conflicts. In addition, the child is not properly appreciated and can suffer from behavioral problems.

5. Arbitrary Decisions

If one parent is very generous and the other is too strict, the child will not understand how to act properly and will always make the simplest decision.

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Intel creates chip that will make the robots of the future autonomous


Intel assures that its chip will serve for industrial use, but also for home robots. Will they reach RealDolls?


Intel has announced a new processor called Intel Loihi, a test chip that aims to provide "self-learning" to Artificial Intelligence, even those that are built into robots.

The company has explained that the new chip aims to learn from its environment as the human brain does.

Intel says that in particular this chip is intended to be applied in industrial automation and in personal robotics.

"The Intel Loihi research test chip includes digital circuits that mimic the basic mechanics of the brain, making learning the machine faster and more efficient, while requiring less computing power, wrote Michael Mayberry, director of Intel Labs on the company's blog.



This could in the future cause computers to organize themselves and even make decisions, based on patterns and associations.

Undoubtedly, this is bad news for Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who in the past as well as some scientists, has said he fears about using new technologies to create murderous robots or that can make their own decisions. This type of argument can only remind us of the film I, Robot starring Will Smith, and where a powerful AI took control of the rest, although in that case good triumphed over evil.



However Intel is not the first to develop this type of chips. Google has its own cloud-based TPU processing units that aim to provide learning processes to machines, although Intel's approach is for AI to learn locally, so every company could have unique knowledge.

CNET en Español visited the hyperrealist doll factory and with IA RealDoll . Will this be the future of the robots?




Intel unveils its new Coffee Lake desktop processors in advance


                                                     Intel unveils its new Coffee Lake desktop processors in advance


After unveiling its Coffee Lake processors for laptops at the end of August, Intel unveiled its Desktop (Desktop) models on Sunday (September 24th). An announcement somewhat ahead and constrained by a person obviously too impatient not having respected the date of lifting of embargo desired by the smelter. We discover 6 new processors of 8th generation, still etched in 14nm and with more cores than the previous models: the i5 and i7 go from 4 to 6 cores, i3 from 2 to 4 cores.

Intel Core i7

The most high-end, the Core i7, are now equipped with 6 cores, 12 threads and 12 MB of cache. The smelter reports an increase in performance of 45% in multitasking and 25% in framerate. The differences between the Core i7 8700K (the K means that it is possible to overclock) and the 8700 are notably at the frequency of the cores, 3.7 GHz for the first and 3.2 for the second. This is slightly less than the 7th generation models but it can be noted that the latter can go higher in boost mode: up to 4.7GHz for the 8700K and up to 4.6GHz for the 8700 and 4.2 for the 7700K and 7700). Finally, the thermal envelope is 95W for the 8700K and 65W for the 8700. There is therefore an increase of 4W for the 8700K. [19459109]

Intel Core i5

For their part, the Core i5 8600K and 8400 also ship 6 cores but for only 6 threads and 9 MB cache. Their cadence is again lower than the models of last year: 3.6GHz for the 8600K and 2.8 for the 8400 (against 3.8GHz and 3GHz for the 7600K and 7400). The boost mode also offers more margin: up to 4.3GHz for the 8600K and 4GHz for the 8400, all for a thermal envelope identical to that of the Core i7. [19459109]

Intel Core i3

Finally, the new Core i3 8350K and 8100, the most affordable models, are now equipped with 4 cores / 4 threads and 6MB cache. Their base frequency is 4GHz for the 8350K and 3.6GHz for the 8100. However, Intel has not unveiled the rate of processors in Boost mode. Also noteworthy is the significant increase in the thermal envelope of these two models, which goes from 60W to 91 for the 8350K and from 51W to 65 for the 8100.

Available on 5 October

Note that these 3 series are accompanied by a new chipset, the Z370, which should improve DDR4-2666 RAM support and processor power supply. But as a result, you will have to buy a new Z370 compatible motherboard.

The commercial launch of the new Coffee Lake CPUs is scheduled for October 5, but Intel has not specified on which continents. As for the rates, count 359 dollars for the i7 8700K, 303 dollars for the 8700, 257 for the i5 8600K, 182 for the 8400, 168 for the i3 8350K and 117 for the 8100. No price in euro at the moment. You should also know that the foundry is now launching its ultra high-end Core X-Series processors. "align =" baseline "hspace =" 10 "vspace =" 5



The homeopathic remedy Okoubaka –

A medicinal plant traditionally used in West Africa for centuries is now processed into a homoeopathic preparation which can not be missed in any well-equipped homeopathy: Okoubaka.


The Okoubaka tree is one of the sandalwood plants and is found in West Africa. It grows only about 30 cm high and grows as a parasite on other trees, from which it extracts nutrients and water. Thorns up to 15 cm long protect the flowers and the yellow, non-edible fruits. Only the bark is used by the Okoubaka tree.

Potencies and dosage forms

Okoubaka is one of the few homoeopathic remedies, which is found mainly in low-blooded animals Potencies such as D3. The potencies D6 and D12 are also used.

Disease patterns and influence factors

The ingredients of Okoubaka affect the skin and mucous membranes.

    • Gastrointestinal infections on long-distance trips, keyword "Montezumas revenge"
    • Diffuse diarrheal diseases
  • Okoubaka patients mostly suffer from severe gastrointestinal disorders. Often also irritations of the skin are like rashes and itching.

    Areas of application

    A very narrow profile of action and application makes Okoubaka a special but important homeopathic medicine. It supports the excretion and detoxification processes:

    • Food poisoning : after the consumption of spoiled food with strong vomiting and diarrhea Gastrointestinal complaints : Food reactivity : Reaction to a food which is not tolerated, with nausea, vomiting, nausea, vomiting, Diarrhea or constipation Travel prevention : in case of expected problems due to nutrition change on travel
    • " Intestinal refurbishment : with digestive disturbances caused by medication as after an antibiotics Therapy or after drug misuse

    During the Okoubaka therapy should on the smoking and on alcohol completely ver be made. This also applies to long-term intestinal restorations over several weeks.

    Dosage and use

    A low potency such as D3 or D6 should be used as an acute agent for food poisoning or gastrointestinal infections become. For each dose, 5 globules are taken, which are best dissolved in a little water before. On the first day the dose is given hourly, on the second day every two hours. On the third day can usually be reduced to three gifts per day. Once the symptoms have subsided, the remedy can be taken for prophylaxis for up to three weeks.

    Pregnancy, Breastfeeding and Baby

    Pregnancy is an important application for Okoubaka. Pregnant women should drink five globules three times a day in potency D6 or D12 dissolved in water.

    Also in acute gastrointestinal infections, food poisoning or food intolerance, Okoubaka can be used in pregnant women as well as in babies can be used.

    Side effects and precautions

    Okoubaka is considered to be well tolerated and is also suitable for self-medication during pregnancy. Picture-Factory / AdobeStock

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    iPhone 8 Plus: Do not buy the 64GB version


    In the few days we spent with an iPhone 8 Plus test drive we realized that its 64GB model would be short for our intense uses.

    We use an iPhone with 256GB capacity (less bad) but if your storage capped off the initial, we would have to start worrying about deleting files. During a 4K video session, in its new 60 frames per second mode, we filled almost 20GB of the phone, also counting in slow motion, in its renewed resolution from 1,080 pixels to 240 frames per second. This would represent a third of your total space, if we had a 64GB phone.

    We captured about 40 short videos of this type, an average of 30 seconds, and a few regular photos and in portrait mode, both with blending background and with new types of portrait lighting, with backgrounds dark and clear subjects. Our photographic roll reached 479 files, of which 97 are high quality videos, 140 are portraits, and the rest are photos. ]

    We had this phone in our hands less than a week, and dedicated its use almost exclusively to the camera, that is to say: we did not download additional applications, reason why the memory could not have invested in additional tasks of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. The only thing we went down further are the Super Mario Run and Sonic Book which occupy 162MB and 158MB, respectively, the Gmail (133MB) and YouTube (97MB) applications.

    The storage panel has a section where you organize photos and videos according to their size.

                                                        Screenshot by Mariana Marcaletti / CNET

    Although the set of aggregate and native apps takes up a lot of space, Photos – which includes still images and videos – fills up 8.8GB, almost half the space hoarded so far. And that Apple opened with iOS 11 the format HEIF (for photos) and HEVC (for videos), which compress the size of the files and, therefore, considerably reduce the space occupied in the phone by 4K captures.

    These formats can be adjusted, and we recommend choosing the option of compressed files, to save space. If we go to the camera application in settings, Apple gives us two alternatives: "high efficiency", for HEIF / HEVC captures, and "more compatible", for photos in the traditional JPEG format and videos in the usual H.264.

    If we choose the previous format (JPG, H.264) we give up the new resolutions of recording of the iPhone 8 Plus. That is, 4K videos would not work at 60 frames per second or slow motion from 1,080 to 240 frames per second.

    So, if we want to enjoy the new video alternatives, we have no choice but to embrace the latest high-efficiency video format.

    The distinction between HEIF / HEVC and JPEG / H.264 recording formats is pronounced: a one-minute video at the highest quality (4K at 30 frames per second) in H.264 takes up 350MB: is more than half that with the new format in identical resolution (170MB in HEVC).

    According to Apple, in the HEIF / HEVC format, one minute of video at the highest resolution (4K at 60 frames per second) occupies, on average, 400MB of memory. In contrast, in its lowest definition, from 720 HD pixels to 30 frames per second, it is 10 times smaller: only 40MB.

    So, another thrifty measure is to record video in less quality (but I do not think you want to take this precautionary measure if you bought an iPhone 8 Plus and want to take full advantage of it).

    In the storage application, Apple suggests uninstalling apps you do not use, or reviewing personal videos, to get rid of those large ones (inside the storage app they appear sorted from largest to smallest, making it simple choose from which ones to get rid of). But we all know that nobody likes to get rid of files stored on the cell phone, and that it is very lazy to do so.



    So, although Apple has increased the base capacity of both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus — from 64GB instead of the 32GB of the phones of 2016 — this configuration is still limited, especially for those who think to get juice from the camera of this phone. Of course, buying a version with more capacity means a price difference of US $ 149 for the jump to 256GB: the iPhone 8 64GB costs US $ 699, which jumps to US $ 849 with 256GB. The iPhone 8 Plus, for its part, starts at US $ 799 with 64GB and rises to US $ 949 with 256GB (a price that brings it closer to the base cost of iPhone X).

    You decide what suits you according to the use you envisage, but if your weakness are 4K videos the option with more storage will save you the extra worry of managing heavy files.