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If you are a fresh-bred parent, you should also be prepared with your baby for all kinds of situations. The baby carriages are quickly bent under a variety of diapers, cloths, bottles and other accessories for on the go. A single well-packed diaper bag is enough.

While the common life takes place almost exclusively in the own dwelling immediately after the birth, draws it fresh parents after a certain time inexorably out into the open. Excursions with the baby, visits with friends or regular shopping require a high degree of flexibility. Parents are already well-equipped with baby carriages, baby cloths and baby baskets, but they still need additional accessories to be able to satisfy babies' needs on the go. With a well-filled diaper bag, this is uncomplicated.

Important accessories around the change of the diaper

Especially in the beginning time, babies often have to be wounded. For a maximum of two and a half hours a diaper should be used to protect the delicate skin and protect against fungi, skin irritations and sore spots. Thus, infant parents need about nine diapers daily. If the baby is somewhat older, this demand drops to six diapers per day. On leaving the house without enough fresh nappies is therefore not even to think.

 Checklist Wrap-around bag - This belongs to it "width =" 526 "height =" 1035 "/> 

<p class= This is the best way to find the right wrap and babies belongs to the diaper bag

One of the most important utensils for the diaper is the diaper itself. Depending on how long the trip lasts, parents should pack at least two diapers in the bag. The important thing is that all diapers are the right size, which is adjusted according to the baby's current body weight, with parents always looking for a secure fit, and a suitable diaper does not leave any gaps on the thighs or tummy free The following table provides a small orientation aid:


There are no ratings for this product at the moment (Rate product). One to two months Two to four kilograms Three to three months Three to six kilograms Three to six months Four to nine kilograms To make the change of the diaper fast and uncomplicated , parents need accessories, which is also at the home changing table. It is worthwhile not to bring the accessories from home, but to get an extra version for the changing bag. This covers:

  • A pack of moist cloths,
  • at least two plastic bags for used diapers,
  • Taschentücher or Kosmetiktücher
  • and Wundsalbe
  • In the meantime, there are almost everywhere baby changing places, so that often a corresponding underlay is already available. Parents should not lay their baby on this. The reason is obvious, because in the generally accessible winding stations many different germs and bacteria are frolicking, which on baby's skin have nothing to look for. Therefore, a mobile winding pad is indispensable in the changing bag. These are available for folding as well as rolled.

    Hygiene paraphernalia for on the way

    The immune system of babies is not yet mature for a long time. Even the so-called "nest protection" and the antibodies from the mother's milk do not protect the youngest from unpleasant infections with fungi or viruses. Therefore, the most hygienic environment is the A and O.

    Disinfection spray for the coiling pad is important to clean it after use. It also helps in "emergency situations", if the mobile underlay was once forgotten. For mums or dad's hands, which may not always be washed, we recommend a disinfection gel which is used before and after winding.

    Useful things for more flexibility

    If the diaper is leaking, or if the small one spits some milk , the wardrobe is quickly dirty. Therefore, the changing bag also includes a complete set of change-over clothes, which is composed according to the season. Parents should be in the pocket but at least

  • a body,
  • a pantyhose or socks
  • and a shirt to overlay
  • thereby to have. A replacement sniffer is also a good idea, if the currently used falls on the ground and can not be washed out. Parents should be kept in a special pacifier box so that they can be kept clean inside the bag.

    If the offspring are rather restless when changing, something helps Gripping or a stuffed animal to provide employment. It is also sensible to take at least three spittoon cloths which can then be used for breastfeeding, carrying and feeding. Hungry and thirsty babies can and do not want to wait until the trip is over. Parents should therefore always carry a water bottle with a teat which is filled with baby tea or still water

    If the baby is covered with milk, , Milchfläschchen and a thermos bottle with hot water in the pocket. (19459010), a and and, if necessary, still hatches in the diaper bag. A larger Mulltuch serves as a visual protection when nursing in public. For older babies, it is advisable to bring along suitable biscuits or porridge (spoon not forget!), In order to satisfy spontaneous hunger quickly and healthy.

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    3 Tips with which you make perfect use of target-group-oriented presentations

    Target-oriented presentations avoid not only version-by-one. They are also helpful if you need to react quickly to the audience.

    Read how you can use this function specifically to

    • at trade fairs different interested parties to use
    • and foliosets for certain groups
    • Save by add-in certain partial presentations

    Your key to the PowerPoint-

     3 tips for making perfect use of target-oriented presentations "src =" "With the PowerPoint key, you impress EVERYTHING - guaranteed! </strong> The best thing about it: YOUR workload is a total of 2 minutes and 38 seconds – thanks to the finished template including instructions! </p>
<p> +++ ATTENTION: Limited offer – only for the first 99 fast answerers! Click here and test for free! </h2>
<p> You want to present several products at a trade fair and have several target group-oriented ones in a total file for this purpose. </p>
<p> The easiest way to do this is to create an overview sheet from which you can select the desired partial presentation </p>
<li> Create a separate object for each partial presentation to be started. </li>
<li> Select the object you want to use as an action button and choose Insert š Action. </li>
<li> In the following dialog, select the link to the object </li>
<li> In the next dialog box, mark the desired partial presentation. </li>
<li> Set a checkmark at the bottom of the display and return. </li>
<p> After you have created a new one, you will be able to save the time oriented presentation, you also have more choices when printing. </h2>
<h2> Exclusively for you: Save partial presentation as a file </h2>
<p> You have presented a particular sub-presentation to a public and this is now to be a file to be submitted? However, PowerPoint does not provide a command. As a reader of, you can close this gap with our add-in developed for this purpose. </p>
<li> Extract the download file QBD, which you can download here: QBD_ProductsPraesentationSave. This file contains the add-in (ending PPAM) as well as a tutorial. </li>
<li> Save the add-in on your hard drive </li>
<li> If you need the additional function to save it separately, then double-click simply click on the add-in file </li>
<li> You will then find the additional command create a file in the screen display on the far right side of the screen [19459209] </ol>
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    Amazon Music Unlimited: the streaming service is available in France


                                                         Amazon Music Unlimited: the streaming service is available in France


    "We were very pleased with the welcome we received from Amazon Music Unlimited when it was launched in the United States, the United Kingdom and Germany and we are very pleased to be able to offer this service to customers in France, Italy and Spain "announces Steve Boom, vice president of Amazon Music, in a statement released on Thursday, September 14th.

    Front-end competitor of Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music or Apple Music, the music streaming service from Amazon, launched in October 2016 in the United States, offers access to a catalog of 50 million titles (without advertising) on ​​smartphone, tablet or PC against the sum of 9.99 euros per month (with a month free trial). An offer identical to the competition, therefore. The company also offers a subscription for families at 14.99 euros. This is limited to 6 users, one more than Spotify Family.

    To take advantage of it, download the dedicated application, available on Android, iOS or Fire, or go to the service's web portal from a Windows or Mac PC. Features include playlists, custom radios and recommendations, and downloading songs for offline listening. [19459109]

    Discounts for Amazon Prime customers

    Unlike Video's video streaming service, Prime Video, the subscription to Music Unlimited is not available to Amazon members Premium. Nevertheless, the company still offers discounts to its premium customers, but provided they subscribe for one year.

    Count 99 euros per year for a single user (the price falls to 8.25 euros per month) and 149 euros for the Family offer (12.42 euros per month). You can also combine these discounts with a "Discovery Offer" reserved for Prime customers.

  • To subscribe to or simply access the Amazon Music Unlimited web service (for PC), click here


    How you treat these 5 symptoms of rosacea with kaleidosal salts

    Rosacea is an inflammatory-chronic skin disease that translates as much as "small rose blossoms". In this dermatitis the fine facial veins are dilated, inflamed and reddened. In addition, nodules and pus pimples occur repeatedly at the affected sites.

    In addition to this appearance, a knotted thickening of the nose also develops in individual affected persons, in addition, the eyes can also be affected with the correct selection and dosage of the Schüßlersalze , The diseased facial areas are above all the cheeks, nose and chin, and mainly the forehead.

    It is a disease of the face skin, which can occur in the adult age from the 30 and 50th Lebensjahr. In this case, persons of the bright skin type become more common than dark skin types. Likewise, middle-aged women are more likely than men. However, if men are affected, the appearance is much more pronounced.

    On the facial skin, especially in the region of the cheeks, the fine veins are widened, this is called teleangiectasia. This widening leads to a reddening of the affected skin site.

    The progress of dermatitis can also lead to a knotted thickening of the nose, which is medically called rhinophyma. form. In the Volksmund, this is then also known as a "drowning nose, potato or nodule". It is a chronic skin disease.

    This dermatitis always affects both facial hemisphere. In the rarest cases the scalp, throat, thorax (chest) and back are also affected.

    The following factors are medically discussed as a cause:

    • Disposition (inclination) to increased skin blood circulation. Here are the triggers cold, heat, alcohol, spicy food, too much UV rays (sun exposure) and also psychological excitements
    • Permanent stress in private and also professional everyday life can the appearance of the
    • Infection of the gastric mucosa with the Helicobacter pylori as well as the improper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, Eg, diarrhea or constipation (diarrhea and constipation)
    • Hormonal transitions can be triggers, e.g. (19459009)
      • Abnormalization of the intestinal flora by incorrect nutrition by means of too many animal proteins and thereby over-acidification of the whole organism (19459009)
        • Frequent sunglasses on the face can irritate the skin and favor a dilatation of the vessels.
        • Eye infection of the face skin (Demodex folliculorum = Haarbalgmilbe) , Furthermore, by the frequent UV irradiation of the sun the immune system is weakened [Persons] Persons with a weakened immune system by another illness suffer faster a Rosacea
        • Vascular-expanding medical medicinal drugs can also have a causal effect

        The vessel dilation usually occurs by the immigrant immune cells, which again emit a corresponding messenger substance. There is a coarse-pored and thickened skin by the constant inflammation of the facial skin.

        The following symptoms of this inflammation of the skin develop in the region of the cheeks, the nose, the chin and also the forehead (recess of the cervical spine) Mouth and eyes):

        1. 1. (19459008) reddened skin with visible dilated vessels
        1. burning and pricking facial incisions in the face (sometimes also juckend)
        1. 2.
          1. The mesenchyma (connective tissue) and the sebaceous glands enlarge in the third phase of the disease. The nodular thickenings of the nose (mainly in men), which is called rhinophyma, can be seen. In addition, thickening of the ears (otophyma), nasal root (metophyma), chin (gnatophyma) and also eyelids can form the so-called blepharophyma.

          , This is called Ophthalmo-Rosacea. In this case, a conjunctivitis sicca (dry eye) and various eye infections can occur. Inflammation of the eyes may affect the conjunctiva, the iris, the cornea of ​​the eye, and also the eyelid edges.

        2. Lupoide or granulomatous rosacea (brownish-red nodules with jelly-like infiltrations

        3. Rosacea conglobata (rosacea edematosa) chronic-progressive erythema or edema of the upper half of the face. (1945-19009)
        4. Rosacea fulminans (in which the rosacea develops very rapidly and broadly

          The following biochemical mineral salts according to Dr. med. WH Schüßler have proven themselves very successfully:

          At the beginning of rosacea a cure of 2 times a year of 6 weeks, the Schüßlersalze No. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum D12 should be sucked internally with 5 tablets in the morning

          At midday the biochemical mineral salts no. 5 potassium phosphoricum D6 and the no. 6 potassium sulfuricum D6 should also be sucked with 5 tablets each. The potassium phosphate (No. 5) is very important, so that the protein can absorb the oxygen as well as hemoglobin and also myoglobin (blood dye and muscle fluid). It thus counteracts the weakness of the skin.

          In the evening, for better healing of the skin irritations, the biochemical mineral salts No. 9 sodium phosphoricum (regulates the acid- Basic household), No. 10 Sodium sulfuricum D6 (for the elimination of the inflammatory substances) and No. 11 Silicea D12 for a healing and also stabilization of the skin cells. In each case, 5 tablets are dissolved in 200 ml of hot water and drunk in slow swallows.

          Furthermore, hyperacidity with a corresponding basic vegetarian or even vegan diet should be countered. So-called base infusions can also be very helpful.

          The exact colonization of the intestinal flora by means of a fecal specimen should also be controlled by a laboratory test, and accordingly, the intestinal can be therapeutically constructed. With a basic cream or lotion, after the daily gentle cleansing by means of basic soap, the over-acidified and inflamed skin can be soothed well. The foundation cream cream base from the company Siriderma, which is applied thinly to the affected skin areas in the morning and evening, has proven to be effective

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    Use these ideas for alternative gift packs

    Without the right packaging, a gift would look rather bleak. However, the conventional gift paper is not only quite unimaginative, but also not very sustainable and ends up ending up in the dustbin. With an alternative gift pack, you can give your gifts a very personal touch and perhaps even give a small indication of the content.

    If you want to be creative, but also your packaging as functional as possible, you can use utility items as alternative gift wrapping. Scarves, caps or socks are, for example, excellent for this purpose. The whole thing works especially well when the packaging is related to the content.

    Cookbooks fit well into aprons and smaller gifts are well cared for in cozy wool socks.

    The personal note

    Of course, alternative gift packs are not always practical in everyday use. Nevertheless, there are many other alternatives to the traditional gift paper. With a little creativity and a few crafting tools, you can give your gift a very personal character.

    The artworks are at least as good for packing as normal gift paper.

    Recycling with special charm

    In every household, there are tons of paper that nobody needs anymore. Simply change this surplus into an original package. For example newspapers, magazines, old innates or Kinoposter are in question. This, of course, is particularly beneficial when you receive the packaging of the recipient of the gift.

    Alternative gift packs for the emergency

    You just forgot to buy the right gift paper or the necessary utensils for one homemade variant just not in the house? Then you can access numerous emergency solutions. Alufolie is, for example, ideal for wrapping gifts of all sizes.

    Packing paper can also be used in a variety of ways and can be transformed into a gift box with just a few handfuls. No matter what variant you choose, alternative gift packs will make your gift something special, and make it under the Christmas tree or on the birthday table guaranteed among the other gifts

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    30 Siri commands that you can apply directly to iPhone and iPad

    On Apple's voice assistant Siri, I would not want to do without using the iPhone and iPad in everyday life – even if this is not the case Beginning at so was. However, if you override the small inhibition threshold, talking to the iPhone or iPad, Siri will not want to miss any more as my examples show.

    On my iPhone it has become quite normal, I press the Home button for about two seconds and then give the smartphone a command. This is how I set a timer, set a reminder or set an appointment in my calendar. This is all much faster over spoken commands, than via the corresponding apps, which have been difficult to find, start and then have to be operated by fingertip. Admittedly, some overcoming it costs initially to talk with the iPhone.

    How to set up Siri on your iPhone or iPad

    Siri is usually activated when you set up your iPhone or iPad. If you have missed this setting so far, you can easily make up for it:

    1. Tap "Settings" on the iPhone or iPad's home screen:
    2. Decide (at the iPad on the left side of the screen) with the finger tip for the entry "Siri"
    3. Make sure that the slider behind "Siri" is on. If you turn Siri on, confirm the following query with a finger tap "Activate Siri"

    20 Command with which iPhone and iPad listen to the word

    How much are 10 US (19459003)

    How much are 12 miles from 83

    How many are 2 miles in kilometers?

    How much is 83.5 times 12? [iPhone]

    [edit] [edit] Get Started with this item in the following languages:

    Where is the

    Write an e-mail to

    What calls have I missed

    When is my next appointment? (19459003)

    Take a photo of

    Show me all photos from this gallery

    Show me all photos taken in August 2017

    Search for similar images by category: Click on the image to enlarge it is the weather in ?

    What time is it in ?

    How long is it in ?

    What date is 21 days before September 4th?

    What is the date that we have today?

    Search on Wikipedia about

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    Google's new cell phones and its bet of $ 1.1 billion to make them the best mobile phone Pixel


    The next event of importance for Android will be held on October 4 in San Francisco, where Google is expected to present its new cell phones Pixel 2, among other products.

    Rumors were greatly strengthened this week

    In addition, Nest, Google's company, introduced a series of smart home products, while the Moto X4 was crowned as the first

    These and other Android news can be heard on our podcast (attached here or on Google Play, iTunes, etc.). .) or see our video on Facebook Live. Each new episode of Android Update is streamed live on Facebook Live every Wednesday – or Thursday if postponed for some reason – between 4 and 4:30 p.m. Pacific Time of the United States.


                             But remember that if you accompany us live we can answer your questions about the Android world

    This is the episode 70 of

    Video on Facebook Live


    Listen and Upgrade Android 70


        Android Live update (audio):
    Google Play | iTunes MP3 | Android update Pro (video only): YouTube |

    We are expecting two new Google Pixel 2 phones at the October 4 event to be run by the company in San Francisco, but according to leaks this week Google also introduced a new smartphone, laptop and a virtual reality glasses.

    Google Pixel 2

    The cheapest Google phone, Pixel 2

    In addition, the cell phone would be available in black, white and a new color called "Kinda Blue", a blue similar to the one that the company offered with the Nexus 5X

    Google Pixel 2: Features and specifications

    • Resolution: 1,920×1,080 pixels
    • Processor: Snapdragon 835
    • ]
    • Connectivity: USB-C, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, NFC
    • Other important features: Glass and metal back side, side edges would allow to press the device to activate features (such as HTC U11) or Google Assistant, could be the first device with Google Lens, Android Pay, stereo speakers.

    The Google Pixel 2.

                                                        Droid Life

    Google Pixel 2 XL

    This time, Google's largest cell phone will differ more from the small model. The Pixel 2 XL would integrate a screen almost without bevels and priced at $ 849.

    In addition, the cell phone would have a new color that would combine black with white and an orange button, while it would also have a model Pixel 2 XL: Features and Specs


    • Operating system: Android Oreo
    • Bluetooth: 5.0
    • Connectivity: USB-C, Wi-Fi 802.11ac , NFC
    • Hearing aid connector (3.5mm): It may be absent Other important features: Glass back and metal, side edges would allow pressing the device to activate features (such as HTC U11) or Google Assistant, small bezels on the screen, could be the first device with Google Lens, Android Pay.
    • The Google Pixel 2 XL would integrate an orange button on the model with black and white color

                                                          Droid Life
                                                      During the Google event, the company would also unveil at least four other new products, including one [ laptop with Chrome OS called Pixelbook, a stylus for that computer called Pixelbook Pen, a compact smart speaker with Google Assistant called Google Home Mini and the second generation of the company's virtual reality glasses called Daydream View.

      The Pixelbook computer would be high-end, with an initial price of $ 1,199, could be converted to laptop and run Android apps too.

      On the other hand, the Pixelbook Pen promises to offer great accuracy and without delays, but would cost US $ 99

      The Google Home Mini would maintain the same characteristics of Google Home, but this time it would be a little more compact, would have a price of US $ 49 and possibly a less prominent sound output.



      Finally, Daydream View virtual reality glasses do not seem to bring major changes, but a price increase of $ 20 (for a total of $ 99).

      The new 'Made by Google' products of 2017.

                                                          Graph of Juan Garzón / CNET with images of Droid Life

      Google and HTC have a new agreement

      At the end of everything, Google did not buy HTC as many expected, or at least as rumored. In fact, they made an agreement with different benefits that will allow the two companies to continue to operate independently;

    • HTC will continue to make its own phones.

      Most important of the agreement:

      • Google will pay more than $ 1.1 billion in cash to HTC.
      • Many of these companies have been found to be in the hands of more than 2,000 employees, nearly half of whom have HTC's mobile research and development division. employees were already working with Google in the development of Pixel.
      • Probably most importantly, Google has access to HTC's intellectual property (not exclusive), which could save you money long
      • HTC will continue to be a manufacturer of cell phones and is already working on the successor to the HTC U11.




    Google will work on a new Chromebook Pixel and a Google Home "mini"

    It's no secret that Google is preparing the launch of the new Pixel smartphones this month, according to Android Police, the California firm could also take advantage of it to announce a new Chromebook and a mini version of Google Home. The source, " familiar with the company's plans " reveals few details. In particular, reference is made to a "Bison" project.

    The objective would be to compete with the new Apple MacBooks and the Microsoft Surface Pro. The device would be convertible and would be inspired by the Chromebook Flip range from Asus. A launch price is even mentioned, 799 dollars. Obviously, you have to take this information with tweezers.

    In the end, the most probable point concerns the launch of a possible Google Home Mini. This version smaller and especially less expensive would allow to democratize the personal assistant of the American firm. Such a strategy has already been used by Amazon. Besides Atlantic, the Amazon Echo Dot sells like hotcakes. One thing is certain, we will have more details in the weeks and months to come. The teasing period should not be long in beginning.

    Abrotanum for dogs helps with emaciation with weakness

    Unfortunately, old dogs can often suffer from emaciation and weakness, the dogs are very cold and are very anxious and irritable.

    The symptoms of Abrotanum include weakness, emaciation and a certain sensitivity to cold, which can be seen in cold extremities and ears in the dog. Although the dog is often frightened and depressed, it may also seem irritable.

    The topic recommends the experto editorial team:
    Homoeopathic Materia Medica for Veterinarians

    This article is a stub.

    Abrotanum, the breed, for dogs

    Abrotanum has a beneficial effect on the digestive system of the dog, but it also helps with joint diseases and fits very well to changing complaints with emaciation. The dog can, despite the emaciation, develop a regular hot starter with quite good appetite.

    However, a food refusal can occur which can end in an anorexia. Wandering symptoms, which show themselves through a suppression in ever other areas of the body, can be another symptom. Any existing abdominal pain usually worsen in the night and the abdomen can be inflated.

    In the case of gastric and intestinal diseases, in which diarrhea and constipation alternate, the dog needs abrotanum and shows particularly in the back
    and weakness attacks in the lumbar region. This means that the dog can hardly carry his head and neck upright. In the case of bloody secretions of the mucous membranes in the dog one should think of Abrotanum.

    Aggravation of the symptoms occurs in the dog often by wet-cold weather or by a suppression of the symptoms of illness.

    Dosage of Abrotanum

    Abrotanum can be given in potency C30 and should first be applied only once for no longer than a week. To do this, dissolve approximately 3-5 globulis of the Abrotanum in 1-2 ml of still water and give it to the dog directly into the mouth. If this is not possible with the dog, the dissolved agent can also be given over very little wet feed so that it can lick it first and the agent can act via the oral mucosa.

    When Abrotanum shows effect and the dog after a Week is better, you should interrupt the input and give the remedy only when the symptoms occur again. Here, too, the guiding principle comes to the fore, as often as necessary and as rarely as possible, the homoeopathic remedies.

    Proof: Dreamstudios / Adobe Stock

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    Education is important in Germany in 2030 – English is of fundamental importance!

    Education is an absolute basic right in Germany, which is so anchored even from a legal point of view. Parents rightly place great emphasis on conveying the ideal ideals to their children, thereby giving them the possibility of social advancement. But what changes in our perception of education up to the year 2030 and what aspects get a special weighting?

    Education as a key

    Experts proclaim the education again and again as the single key to tackle the many-sided problems that surround us in today's time. This begins with the change in the world of work on which digitization and demographic change already have a great influence today. On the other hand, there are imminent global catastrophes, such as could go hand in hand with climate change in the coming decades. All the inventions of mankind, to which we are today indebted to the knowledge of renewable energies and suffering-relieving drugs, go back to the ideal of education and people with visions. In the future, the influence of this area can not be underestimated in any case.

    Knackpunkt Schulsystem

    On the other hand parents already see their children with one Education system, which often can no longer meet the high demands. Many structures still date from the past centuries and have a centralized and sometimes commanding effect. In the closed apparatus of the school, pupils are left with little space for personal development, which in some cases keeps some talent in secret. At the same time, important subjects, whose importance will rise even further in the future, are of little importance. Thus, English has long established itself as a world language and provides access to communication with billions of people around the world. Therefore, the opportunity for the students to learn English online and do so in a playful way is welcome. At the same time, a decentralization of education away from the established institutions of the school could be promised.

    The change in school

    Even today, the great change taking place in our schools could. So far, individual administration by the federal states has ensured that promising reforms have not taken place. Instead, minor changes were made over and over again, which were lost and often reversed at the time of the government change. A particularly advanced system, which could put education in a new light, can be found in Finland in these years. First of all, it was the revolutionary wide-ranging use of technical aids on pupils' side in the classroom, which provided for attention. There is even the debate in the room, the teaching no longer bind to fixed subjects, and above all to leave the students a further scope.

    Learning to rediscover

    But which statutes should now Parents in the view to give their children the right deal with education at hand? First, it is important to solve learning from the most hated image of the school. Once the child learns of the possibilities to familiarize himself with books with a theme that corresponds to personal preferences and interests, an important step has already been taken. Behind this, there should in no case be a negative attitude towards the institution of the school, which provides important access to humanist education, which is capable of broadening the horizon. Instead, it is rather about making education appear in a new light. The so important learning to which mankind owes everything is ultimately not strictly bound to the school life of the children.


    The question remains whether we have a postponed impression of education, which does not meet the demands of the future. This is why the young generation should be brought to the learning with a more comprehensive understanding

    Katzon / Adobe Stock

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