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Relieve discomfort in pregnancy: nausea and vomiting

The reactions of every body to a pregnancy are completely different. This also applies to complaints such as morning sickness and vomiting, which by no means all pregnant women suffer. The intensity varies from woman to woman. Our tips will help you to survive this unpleasant time.

How does nausea develop during pregnancy?

Symptoms such as nausea and vomiting occur especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, the so-called first trimester. The exact causes have not yet been explored. But it is likely that the development of the placenta and increased hormone production cause nausea. Also factors like stress and emotional problems can influence these complaints.

However, not all women suffer from this phenomenon. Some pregnant women have no symptoms at all, others occasionally experience a slight nausea and others have to vomit in the morning.

When do nausea and vomiting cause problems?

The pregnancy sickness harms neither mother nor child, if the women do not vomit frequently and manage to still eat healthy. It is critical if they vomit several times a day and can not store enough liquid. See your gynecologist immediately if you vomit frequently, feel dizzy, or just do not feel well. He will check you through and if necessary prescribe the right therapy.

It is completely unexplained why some women feel the nausea and others do not. In rare cases, the extreme pregnancy sickness occurs, the so-called hyperemesis gravidarum. The affected women vomit more than five times a day, which leads to the complete exhaustion of the woman. Often, depression is the result.

Remember, you are not to blame for this violent reaction of your body. Sure, it is unjust that you suffer that way while other pregnant women are thriving at this time. But this condition is temporary and then you enjoy the pregnancy to the fullest. Concerned pregnant women find information and encouragement on the Internet at Hyperemesis gravidarum.

Tips against nausea in pregnancy

  • Pay attention to the signals of your body. Often the nausea warns the pregnant woman about food that she does not get well at this time. Avoid foods that make you disgusted.
  • If, despite of nausea, you feel an appetite for certain foods, your body signals what it needs. Give in to this urge – your body knows best what you are missing.
  • If you vomit, try to drink plenty of water to keep the body from drying out. A good supplement are water-containing fruits or vegetables such as melon, grapes or cucumber.
  • The morning sickness can also cause a low blood sugar level. Start the day already in bed with a herbal tea that tastes good. Chamomile or fennel soothes the stomach. Ginger tea helps combat zinc deficiency, which is considered one of the causes of morning sickness.
  • If you do not like tea, you can also grab rusks.
  • Rather, take more often to small portions instead of overloading your organism with large quantities.
  • Avoid fatty, heavy or spicy foods now.
  • Do not let the nausea arise. It sounds illogical, but having an empty stomach will make you feel sick. Every now and then you can nibble on biscuits, biscuits or dried fruits. The salivation during chewing prevents nausea attacks.
  • A hot tip against nausea is nuts. Chewed to a pulp they bind the acid in the stomach.
  • Often, pregnant women develop a strong aversion to strong smells like cigarette smoke or perfume, which can also cause nausea.
  • Maybe your stomach calms down when you spread fresh scents over a fragrance lamp. Even the smell of a sliced ​​lemon can dispel the nausea.
  • Also think about your psyche. Always lie down during the day and try to relax.
  • Walk a lot in the fresh air. This is healthy anyway and distracts you from the pregnancy symptoms.
  • Homoeopathic remedies, acupuncture or medicines also help against the morning sickness. Consult with your doctor or midwife.
  • Find the conversation with affected pregnant women or a midwife. Understanding and compassion are balm for your soul.

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Dana Rohrabacher has been a great Congressman for his District and for the people of Cal. He works hard and is respected by all – he produces! Dems are desperate to replace Dana by spending vast sums to elect a super liberal who is weak on Crime and bad for our Military & Vets!

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Donald J. Trump

John James, running as a Republican for the Senate from Michigan, is a spectacular young star of the future. We should make him a star of the present. A distinguished West Point Grad and Vet, people should Vote Out Schumer Puppet Debbie Stabenow, who does nothing for Michigan!

Source by Donald J. Trump